Professor Charles Ng elected as ISSMGE President 2017 – 2021 at the Seoul Council Meeting

ISSMGE Council Meeting, Sunday 17 September 2017

At the Council Meeting in Seoul, Professor Charles Ng was elected as the next President of ISSMGE for the period 2017 - 2021.  The Vice-Presidents will be:

Africa - Professor Etienne Marcelin Kana
Asia - Professor Eun Chul Shin
Australasia- Mr Gavin Alexander
Europe - Professor Mario Manassero
North America - Professor Tim Newson
South America - Professor Alejo Sfriso

Other key points from the Council Meeting are:

The next quadrennial international conference (20 ICMSGE) will be held in Sydney, Australia 12-17 September 2021.

The next Council Meeting will be in Cape Town, South Africa, 6 October 2019, on occasion of the XVII African Regional Conference

Council approved amendments to the Statutes and Bylaws in respect of membership and the Register of Members.