Special Issue on Reinforced Fill Structures by ISSMGE TC218 published!

We are pleased to announce the Special Issue #2 of Volume #7 of the International Journal of Geoengineering Case Histories, an official Journal of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE).

This Special Issue of the ISSMGE International Journal of Geoengineering Case Histories presents six well-documented case studies combining different reinforced fill structures in terms of application (simple walls, slopes, railway and highway embankments, bridge abutments, back-to-back walls, and arch bridges), environment (including urban), backfill (including marginal soils), facing type (masonry blocks, wrapped, welded wire mesh, and precast concrete panels), and reinforcement material (geogrids, polymeric straps, steel ladders and meshes). Different design method approaches and a wide range of wall heights appear in the case studies presented. Thus, most reinforced fill structure types are well-represented in this Special Issue, covering many companies and systems, both well-established and newer, providing a good representation of the market.

Papers published in this refereed journal are freely available in color and are accompanied by databases that include the electronic data presented in the paper as well as additional figures (as necessary). The locations of the case histories are also positioned in the IJGCH Geographic Database.

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Paper Title: Editorial, pp. i-iii

Authors: Ivan P. Damians, Giulia Lugli

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Paper Title: The Introduction of MSE Wall Elements into the BIM Technology: The S7 Skomielna Biala Chabowka Project of an MSE Abutment in Poland, pp. 112

Authors: Fabrizia Trovato, Giulia Lugli, Giacinto Intrevado

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Paper Title: The D4R7 Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls in Bratislava, Slovakia, pp. 13-33

Authors: Elena Gil, Carlos Serrano, Carlos Pereira, Pedro Osso, Juan Lima, Ivan P. Damians

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Paper Title: Drainage Reinforced Geocomposite for Marginal and Cohesive Slopes and Walls, pp. 3448

Authors: Nicola Brusa, Patrick Naughton, Pietro Rimoldi

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Paper Title: Vertical Expansion of Residential Land Using Reinforced Earth Walls Case Study of Cerro Artola, pp. 4961

Authors: Sergi Conesa, Félix Enrique González

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Paper Title: Segmental Retaining Wall Reinforced with Geogrids, in New Hospital Works (Salamanca, Spain), pp. 62-71

Authors: Marco Tomás Rodríguez Martínez, Patricia Amo Sanz

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Paper Title: Masonry Arch Bridges with Reinforced Soil Spandrel Walls, pp. 7282

Authors: Colin JFP Jones, Chiado Doulala-Rigby

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