Introducing Time Capsule Project (TCP) Blog Posts

Recently, the ISSMGE initiated a project to capture past, current and future issues in Geotechnical Engineering practice. While much of the Time Capsule Project (TCP) activities are through formal channels (e.g. Technical Committees, Member Societies) the opinion of everyday engineers, the foundation of practice, is paramount.

In order to debate past, current and future issues in Geotechnical Engineering, we are welcoming and publishing short articles on the ISSMGE website. Articles will be displayed for a limited time and views expressed need not be shared by the ISSMGE or held strongly by authors. Examples of current and upcoming articles include:

We encourage you to reflect on your practice of Geotechnical Engineering and think how you could contribute to this great debate. We challenge you to write 200-400 words on any topic that will generate debate within the Geotechnical Engineering profession. Click here to submit your article for consideration.