Update - ISSMGE Global Survey on State of the Art (SOA) and State of Practice (SOP)

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to share with you  some early results from the ISSMGE Global Survey on State of the Art (SOA) and State of Practice (SOP). 

Over 500 geotechnical professionals, all around the world,  have responded to the survey in the two weeks from the formal launch on 10th March 2017. This is highly encouraging and shows the wide interest in this survey.

On behalf of the ISSMGE, we thank all who have taken the time to respond to date. 

For those of you who have not yet participated in this important survey, please do so without delay. The link to the survey is as follows. 

https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CAPG_SoA_SoP_survey. The survey will run until the 30th of April 2017.

To provide some motivation for you, we have extracted some fun data from the survey, including the top responses by country, by ISSMGE region, organisation type, years of experience, and by technical committees.

The histogram presented here shows your interest in the various ISSMGE technical committees. 

Finally, we want to emphasise the importance of answering the questions posed by the technical committee (s) of your choice, and not skipping over that question tab by mistake. Your contribution on this question (s) is vital for the quality of outcomes from the survey. 

Yours sincerely, 

Roger Frank, President ISSMGE 

Sukumar Pathmanandavel, Chair, Corporate Associates Presidential Group ( CAPG)   
(27th March 2017)

Top 5 responses by country

Australia 16%

Japan 7%

Brazil 7%

France 7%

Norway 7%

USA 6%

Top 5 responses by ISSMGE region

Europe 43%

Australasia 17%

Asia 16%

South America 11%

North America 9%

Top 5 responses by organisation type

Consultancy 54%

Academic Institution 21%

Contractor 11%

Government 6%

Manufacturer / supplier 4%

Top 5 responses by years of experience

10 to 20 years 24%

20 to 30 years 20%

5 to 10 years 17%

30 to 40 years 14%

0 to 5 years 13%

Top 5 responses by Technical Committees

TC208 - Slope Stability 13%

TC211 - Ground Improvement 9%

TC212 - Deep Foundations 8%

TC207 - Soil structure interaction 7%

TC102 - In Situ testing 7%

TC101 - Laboratory testing 6%