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Papers for 2015 International Symposium on Field Measurements in Geomechanics are now available to download

The proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Field Measurements in Geomechanics are now available to download from the Australian Centre for Geomechanics’ website. Visit the Symposia page of the TC220 website to find the link and other news.

Online "iDisaster" Series lecture

报告题目:Geotechnical spatial variability:what is it?how to model it?how to identify it?how does it affect performances of engineeringstructures? 报告时间:2020年5月29日下午14:30-16:30 报告地点:腾讯会议ID:466 928 686 会议连接 ...

Online "iDisaster" Series lecture

Dr.Yu Wang(王宇)is a professor of geotechnical engineering at City University of Hong Kons.He waseducated in mainland China,Hong Kong and USA,with an earned PhD desree from Comell University.He is a Registered Professional Civil Engineer in Hong Kong and an elected Fellow o ...

Online "iDisaster" Series lecture

Dr. Zhongqiang Liu is Senior Engineer at Norwegian Geotechnical Institute.Oslo,Norway,with expertise in risk and hazard assessment for geohazards,machine learning in geotechnics. He received his BSc and PhD in Geotechnical Engineering from Tongji University. His major field ...

ISSMGE TC213 Workshop Brochure

The ISSMGE TC213 Wokshop Brochure is now available.

Publications from Micro2MACRO2018 workshop

Here are some publications related to TC105 Geomechanics from Micro and Macro led by Drs. Pasquale Giovine and Giuseppe Mortara of University of Reggio Calabria. The publications originate from the workshop "micro to MACRO mathematical modelling in soil mechanics" ...

TC105 report "IAS Workshop on Emerging Scales in Granular Media” held in Hong Kong, 14-16 January 2020

The “IAS Workshop on Emerging Scales in Granular Media” was successfully held at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Hong Kong, 14-16 Jan 2020 (see The workshop was financially supported by HKUST Jockey Cl ...

Bright Spark Lectures ICSMGE 2021

The YMPG in collaboration with the Local Organising Committee for the ICSMGE would like to announce the winners of the Bright Spark Lecture Award to two very distinguished engineers: Dr. Ashani Ranathunga (Sri Lanka) and Dr. Brendon Bradley (New Zealand). They are both invited to ...

ISSMGE News and Information Circular November 2020

ISSMGE News & Information Circular NOVEMBER 2020 2021 TERZAGHI ORATION – News from the ISSMGE President Charles Ng I am very pleased to announce that Professor Antonio Gens from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Spain has been selected ...

New Book by Powderham and O'Brien - The Observational Method in Civil Engineering

There is a new book on the Observational Method by Alan Powderham and Tony O'Brien entitled The Observational Method in Civil Engineering, which may be of interest to members.