Kevin Nash Gold Medal

Kevin Nash Gold Medal


The Kevin Nash Gold Medal is awarded in memory of Professor Kevin Nash, Secretary General of the International Society (1965‐1981). The medal is awarded to a person who, through distinction as an engineer, through international contributions to engineering practice and education, through contributions to international good will, and through service to the International Society, has made a major contribution to fostering the ideals and goals of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering throughout the world.  

Nomination of candidates

The recipient is selected by a committee composed of the Past Presidents of the International Society, chaired by the immediate Past President, and the announcement is made at the opening of each International Conference.  Presidents and Past Presidents are not eligible to receive the Award. 

Kevin Nash Gold Medal Awardees  

Professor F. Tatsuoka, Japan 2022
Professor A. Gens, Spain 2017
Professor H. Brandl, Austria 2013
Professor S Hansbo, Sweden 2009
Professor H G Poulos, Australia 2005
Professor J K Mitchell, USA 2001
Professor A S Balasubramaniam, SEAGS 1997
Professor J B Burland, UK 1994
Professor E E de Beer, Belgium 1989
Professor H B Seed, USA 1985



Dr Masahide Otsubo (on behalf of Professor Tatsuoka) receiving the Kevin Nash Gold Medal from Professor Charles Ng, and Dr André Archer
ISSMGE Awards Ceremony, Sydney 2022