Outstanding Geotechnical Project Award

Outstanding Geotechnical Project Award


To recognize projects that best illustrate superior geotechnical engineering skills and represent significant contributions to geotechnical engineering progress and society. Criteria reflect the importance placed on sustainability while continuing to recognize innovative design and construction. Any geotechnical engineering project, regardless of its location, is eligible, e.g. projects such as tunnels, dams, innovative foundation engineering solutions and military projects.

Nomination of candidates

Nominations for the award will be invited from ISSMGE Member Societies and must reach the ISSMGE Secretariat by the announced date. Member societies are encouraged to arrange their own competitions to identify an outstanding geotechnical project which can then be nominated for the ISSMGE award.

The nomination package should include:

  • A cover letter, signed by the nominator (Chairman of the ISSMGE Member Society), introducing the nominated project.
  • A written motivation, not more than five pages in length, to address the following:

(1) originality and innovation – (a) new or innovative application of technology, design, materials, process/methods and construction;
(2) resourcefulness in planning and solving design challenges – (a) complexity of the problem or situation addressed, (b) creativity in solutions;
(3) sustainability considerations – (a) environmental, (b) social, (c) economic;
(4) project planning and delivery – (a) financing, budget and schedule, (b) meeting the client’s needs particularly related to budget and schedule adherence; and
(5) contribution to the well-being of people and communities, including aesthetic value.
(6) photographs, design drawings, figures, sketches as applicable.

Outstanding Geotechnical Project Awardees

Year Project Nominated by
2013 Busan-Geoje Fixed Link Immersed Tunnel - Daewoo E&C Co. Ltd.
Korean Geotechnical Society