Outstanding Member Society Award

Outstanding Member Society Award


To recognise the most outstanding ISSMGE Member Society. Criteria for evaluation include the following:

Extent of the society’s activities, given the number of members and the rate of progress. These activities could include:

  • Conferences and workshops supported by the local Society and/or endorsed by ISSMGE in the past 4 years.
  • Encouragement given by the Member Society and recognitions for its members in terms of awards and honours.
  • Contributions to ISSMGE Technical Societies through member participation.
  • Contributions to the advancement of science and technology through publications by the members in scholarly journals and conferences.
  • Any other information representing the contributions by the Society, including those that have made an impact on community welfare and safety (e.g. affected by natural hazards).

In judging the nominations, emphasis will be placed on growth in achievements or new and recent developments.

Nomination of candidates

Nominees for these awards are individual member societies. Member Societies are invited to nominate themselves by submitting a brief submission (not more than two pages) addressing the above. The necessary supporting documentation should accompany the nomination. Nominations must reach the ISSMGE Secretariat by the announced date.

Outstanding Member Society Awardees

Year Outstanding Member Society
2013 New Zealand Geotechnical Society
2017 British Geotechnical Association


British Geotechnical Association - Received by Professor Stephan Jeffries on behalf of the BGA.

From left: Professor Charles Ng (Incoming ISSMGE President), Professor Dong-Soo Kim (Chairman of the 19ICMSGE Organising Committee), Professor Stephan Jeffries (Chairman of the BGA), Professor Roger Frank (President ISSMGE) - ISSMGE Awards Ceremony in Seoul, 2017