Outstanding Public Relations Award

Outstanding Public Relations Award


The ISSMGE Outstanding Public Relations Award in Geo-engineering is awarded to any individual or organization, preferably from outside the ISSMGE Society, who contributed outstandingly in promoting geotechnical engineering and showing its importance as a profession in life.

Nomination of candidates

ISSMGE Member Societies are invited to nominate candidates for this Award. Candidates would be public relations individuals or organization, author of any geotechnical contribution that has made an impact within or through the news, media, internet, and/or the general public.

Nominations are limited to one per Member Society. Nominations must reach the ISSMGE Secretariat by the announced date.

The nomination package should include the following:

  • A cover letter, signed by the nominator, indicating the person / organization/ parties nominated and the name of the award (Outstanding Public Relations).
  • A written motivation, not more than two pages in length, which should include reference to the supporting evidence of distinguished accomplishments (advertisement, movie, promotion, documentary, activity or innovative approach) by the nominee, with a copy of that accomplishment if applicable (printout, CD, USB, etc.)
  • The nominee’s CV (up to 5 pages) or biographical information. In case of a group of individuals, CVs for all individuals should be provided if judged applicable by the nominator. An organization can submit one qualification document that describes it and its activities with the CVs of key personnel as deemed applicable by the nominator.

Outstanding Public Relations Awardees

Year Awardee Nominated by
 2013  Dr Marc Ballouz  Lebanese Geotechnical Society