Outstanding Technical Committee Award

Outstanding Technical Committee Award


To reward an ISSMGE Technical Committee in recognition of one or more of the following achievements:

  • conducting work in solving geo-engineering problems that are within the Technical Committee’s sphere of activity,
  •  finding effective solutions to important theoretical geo-engineering problems,
  • effectively introducing to current geo-engineering practice new and important solutions concerning guidelines, standards, technologies, laboratory methods or recommended laboratory apparatus,
  • providing education and training concerning new and recommended geo-engineering issues.


Nomination of candidates

Award nominations for particular committees are to be submitted to the ISSMGE Secretariat by the announced date by the chairs of the ISSMGE Member Societies who wish to nominate a Technical Committee for the award. The nomination package should include the following:

  • written recommendation in the form of a brief, descriptive report (not exceeding two typewritten pages), including relevant attachments (publications, patents, reviews, confirmations of implementation etc) concerning the subject of the award,
  • submitted information on active participation in conferences, seminars, workshops as well as other meetings concerning the Technical Committee’s work which is presented in such a way as to document and confirm that the Technical Committee’s outstanding activities entitle it to an award,
  • information on the organising of conferences, seminars and other types of meetings concerning the Technical Committee’s activities since the last quadrennial ISSMGE conference (regular meetings, internet conferences etc),
  • demonstration of the effectiveness of organisational meetings for scientific, engineering, educational and training purposes

Outstanding Technical Committee Awardees

Year TC Chair
 2017  TC308 - Energy Geotechnics  Marcelo Sanchez
 2013  TC304 - Risk and reliability  KK Phoon


TC308 - Energy Geotechnics - Received by Prof. Marcelo Sanchez

From left to right - Incoming ISSMGE President Professor Charles Ng, TC-308 Chair Professor Marcelo Sanchez, ISSMGE President Professor Roger Frank, and Professor Dong-Soo Kim, Chairman of the 19ICMSGE Organising Committee