Outstanding Young Geotechnical Engineer Award

Outstanding Young Geotechnical Engineer Award


The aim of the ISSMGE Outstanding Young Geotechnical Engineer Award is to acknowledge the contribution of young members to the profession and to the society. The award will be given in recognition of achievement during the four-year period preceding the year of the award. The ISSMGE Outstanding Young Geotechnical Engineer Award will be presented to up to three individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the practice or research in geotechnical engineering through their contribution to one or more research or industrial projects. There would be a maximum of 3 awards made every 4 years which are presented at the ICSMGE. The awards each amount to a cash prize of £1,000. The nominations would be evaluated holistically based on contributions to any or all of the following criteria:

(a) Geotechnical project development and construction,

(b) Research contributions in the geotechnical community,

(c) Involvement in national and international geotechnical societies, and

(d) Publications and education in the geotechnical discipline.

Nomination of candidates

The awards will be given to ISSMGE young members who are less than 36 years of age on 31 December of the year of the quadrennial ICSMGE conference. One nomination may be made by each member society, which should comprise the following:

  • A letter (maximum of 2-pages) clearly explaining why the candidate is deserving of this award, provided by the candidates current organization and endorsed by the member society.
  • A 1-page CV for the nominee.

Nominations must reach the Secretary General by the announced date.

Candidates will be evaluated by the ISSMGE Awards Committee in collaboration with the ISSMGE Young Members Presidential Group (YMPG) and the finalists will then be recommended to the Board for final decision.


Young Member Awardees

Year Awardee Awardee Awardee
 2001  Dr Gunilla Granzen (Sweden)  Dr Serge Borell (France)  Dr Chris Martin (UK)
 2005  Dr Susie Gouvernec (Australia)  Dr S.W. Jacobsz (South Africa)  Dr Elen Rathje (USA)
 2009  Dr Susumu Nakajima (Japan)  Dr L.A. van Paassen (Netherlands)  Dr A. Kullingsjo (Sweden)
 2013  Dr Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn (Australia)  Dr Greg Siemens (USA)  

Outstanding Young Geotechnical Engineer Award

Year Awardee
 2013  Dr Guillermo Narsilio

In 2017, the Young Members' Award and the Outstanding Young Geotechnical Engineer Award were combined

Year Awardee Awardee Awardee
 2022  Dr Anthony Leung (Hong Kong)  Dr Pooneh Maghoul (Canada)  Dr Youhu Zhang (China)
 2017  Dr Jennifer Nicks (USA)  Dr Atsushi Takai (Japan)  Dr Hong Yi (China)