International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering

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Recorded Webinars

Combined Loading of Offshore Foundations 24 August 2016 Prof. Mark Cassidy
New ISSMGE webinar launching on 24th August 2016 16 August 2016 Kostis Tsantilas
Geotechnical Engineering for Conservation of Heritage 29 June 2016 Prof. Yoshinori Iwasaki
Geotechnical Challenges in Mexico City Clay 18 April 2016 Prof. Gabriel Auvinet
Multiphysical Processes and Design of Thermo-Active Foundations 29 February 2016 Prof. Lyesse Laloui
Laterites and lateritic soil and the potential use of the Dynamic Cone Penetrometer 14 December 2015 Prof. Samuel I.K. Ampadu
Soil Dynamics and Seismic Geotechnical Engineering 29 October 2015 Prof. George Gazetas
Landslide risk mitigations with a special emphasis on observation with fiber optic sensors 10 August 2015 Prof. An-Bin Huang
Advanced laboratory testing to characterize stiff, geologically aged clays 01 June 2015 Prof. Richard Jardine
Impacts of Liquefaction in the 2010-2011 Christchurch Earthquakes 15 April 2015 Prof. Misko Cubrinovski
Introduction to Cone Penetration Testing 02 February 2015 Prof. Peter Robertson
Geotechnical Aspects of Peats 01 December 2014 Dr. Cor Zwanenburg
In situ testing in geomechanics: Questioning current engineering practice 01 October 2014 Professor Fernando Schnaid
Meeting the Challenges of Foundation Design for Tall Buildings 24 July 2013 Professor Harry Poulos
Geophysical Tests for Geotechnical Site Characterization 08 May 2013 Dr. Sebastiano Foti
Concept and Parameters, Latest Research in Ground Improvement Illustrated by Related Case Histories 07 March 2013 Serge Varaksin and Noel Huybrechts
An Overview of Geosynthetics and Their Major Applications 22 January 2013 Robert Koerner
Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering-Mitigation of earthquake problems with emphasis on subsoil liquefaction 20 November 2012 Ikuo Towhata
Pile Driving Analysis 18 October 2012 Frank Rausche
Unsaturated Soils: Basic Concepts and Applications (Part 1 and Part 2) 09 July 2012 Eduardo Alonso
Short and Long Term Leakage through Composite Liners, The 7th Arthur Casagrande Lecture 25 April 2012 Kerry Rowe
Risk and Geotechnical Engineering 24 February 2012 Zenon Medina-Cetina and Marco Uzielli
Eurocode-7 Past, Present, and Future 19 December 2011 Andrew Bond
Intelligent Compaction 25 November 2011 Antonio Correia and George Chang
Bridge scour depth prediction and levee topping erosion 23 August 2011 Jean-Louis Briaud