TC222 Geotechnical BIM and DT

Geotechnical BIM and Digital Twins

Building Information Modelling (BIM) for a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility and foundation. The BIM-model can be used as a knowledge resource into a DigitalTwin, providing a reliable basis for decisions during the life-cycle of a structure and its foundation. While the BIM-model is purely digital, the DigitalTwin is a combination of the digital and physical world.

Data flow between physical and digital object

Recordning from workshop 2022-01 is now published

The recordning from the workshop held  on14. september 2022 is now published on the brand new YouTube-channel of TC222.


The recordning can be found here:

1st TC222 Workshop

We have the pleasure of inviting you to the first workshop of TC222 Geotechnical BIM and Digital Twins. The workshop will be digital on Teams and will be arranged on the 14th September 2022 from 9AM to 12AM CEST.

The workshop consists of five presentations, before the particip

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TC222 shall provide a forum to ISSMGE members to disseminate and exchange knowledge and practice on BIM and DigitalTwins in Geotechnics.

The level of knowledge and the state-of-the art varies significantly between countries and continents. The TC aims to provide a source for knowledge and act as a coordination element for the
user of BIM and digital twins in geotechnical engineering. This will be achieved through:

  • Host workshops and/or special sessions in future international and regional conferences.
  • Organize symposia and workshops to promote cooperation and exchange of information
  • Arrange webinars for presenting state-of-the-art and recent development

TC222 will be a link between the ISSMGE member geotechnical societies and the ongoing standardization work for BIM and Digital Twins in practice. This means collaboration and development together with buildingSmartInternational (bSI),the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and potential the AGS and DIGGS communities. This important work, including cross-discipline standardization, is an essential element for the success of future geotechnical BIM projects

The TC will also,where necessary, establish guidelines and technical recommendations for the implementation of BIM and Digital twins in geotechnics, looking at both research and practice.

The TC will establish and keep contact with other TCs which are relevant for the work of TC 222, such as TC206 (Interactive Design), TC219 (System Performance), TC220 (Field Instrumentation), TC304 (Risk), TC307 (Sustainability) and TC 309. (Machine Learning and Big Data).

TC222 will assist with the technical programs in international and regional conferences organized by or in cooperation with ISSMGE. It will be natural to have at least one session on BIM and digital twins in geotechnics in the upcoming international and regional conferences. Attempts will be made to include a session at the forthxcoming ISSMGE 2022 in Sydney, Australia.

In addition, the TC will encourage the participation of the members of the TC in both international, regional and national conferences, as well as encourage them to organise local workshops on the
theme BIM and/or DT.

TC222 will endeavour to reduce the existing gap between the State-of-the-Art and the State-of-the-Practice in the field of BIM and digital twins. TC222 will invite experienced practicing engineers to
join the technical committee as members and encouraged them to organize sessions with practiceoriented topics and discussion workshops involving academics and practitioners.

The TC will strive to be visible in other arenas/conferences than those arranged by the geotechnical society, for example BILT, infraBIM Open etc.

# Type Full Name Country
1 Chair Magnus Rømoen Norway
2 Vice Chair Mickaël Beaufils France
3 Secretary Mats Kahlström Norway
4 Nominated by TC Chair Jelena Ninic United Kingdom
5 Nominated by TC Chair Raymond Koo Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
6 Corresponding Member Takafumi Seiki Japan
7 Nominated Member Rie Wada Japan
8 Nominated Member Tomohiro Yasuda Japan
9 Nominated Member Alexis Serieys France
10 Nominated Member Romain Landrieau France
11 Corresponding Member Te Xiao Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
12 Nominated Member Aarti Bhargava India
13 Nominated Member L. Govindaraju India
14 Corresponding Member Dr. Vidya Bhushan Maji India
15 Nominated Member María Megía Spain
16 Corresponding Member Swapnil Mishra India
17 Nominated Member Matthew Lato Canada
18 Nominated Member Brian Sheil United Kingdom
19 Nominated Member Mehran Naghizadeh Germany
20 Nominated Member Yu Wang Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
21 Nominated Member Ryan Yan Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
22 Corresponding Member Stuart Millis Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
23 Nominated Member Jyrki Salmi Finland
24 Nominated Member Giacomo Mazzoni Italy
25 Nominated Member Zefeng Zhou Norway
26 Nominated Member Niklas Engebretsen Norway
27 Nominated Member Qianbing Zhang Australia
28 Nominated Member Derrick Dasenbrock United States
29 Corresponding Member Y.H. Wang Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
30 Corresponding Member Zhenyu Yin Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
31 Corresponding Member Binh Le United Kingdom
32 Nominated Member Mats Svensson Sweden
33 Nominated Member Mengqi Huang Australia
34 Nominated Member Pin Zhang United Kingdom
35 Nominated Member André Henriques Portugal
36 Nominated Member Wenjie Xu China
37 Nominated Member Mengjia Zhou China
38 Corresponding Member Mingliang Zhou China
39 Corresponding Member Zijun Cao China
40 Corresponding Member Wengang Zhang China
41 Corresponding Member Fei Zhang China
42 Corresponding Member Wansheng Pei China
43 Corresponding Member Yingjie Wei China
44 Corresponding Member Xilin Lu China
45 Corresponding Member Xiumei Zhong China
46 Corresponding Member Qian Wang China
47 Nominated Member Chang Shin Gue Malaysia
48 Nominated Member Som Pong Pichan Malaysia
49 Nominated Member Guido Madou Netherlands
50 Nominated Member Remon Pot Netherlands
51 Nominated Member Yo-Ming Hsieh Chinese Taipei
52 Nominated Member Georg Erharter Austria
53 Nominated Member Hsiao-Chou Chao Chinese Taipei
54 Corresponding Member Zheng-yi Feng Chinese Taipei

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