TC211 Ground Improvement

Ground Improvement

- Launch of a new TC211 website – the new format of the TC website is available since January 2019:

- Abandoning the Newsletters for a more dynamic way of communication (short and more regular)

Introduce a new principal theme for the period:

  “Innovations in design, execution and QA/QC of Ground Improvement works”

- Participate by dedicated workshops in the international conferences inviting TC members to contribute to the knowledge and develop the addressed themes

- Promote the activities and the links with other organizations or TC’s (in particular the Deep Foundations Institute – DFI, the EFFC, the TC 102 – In situ testing and the new TC218 – Reinforced fills)

- Organize two main TC211 WORKSHOPS at the ECSMGE Reykjavik 2019 and ICSMGE Sydney 2021 based on the new principal theme “Innovations”

- Organize the next Louis Ménard Lecture in Sydney 2021

- The board currently studies the opportunity to organize a new International Symposium IS-GI Brussels

# Type Full Name Country
1 Chair Noel Huybrechts Belgium
2 Vice Chair Jérôme RACINAIS France
3 Secretary Nicolas Denies Belgium
4 Nominated by TC Chair Michał Topolnicki Poland
5 Nominated by TC Chair Vernon Schaefer United States
6 Nominated by TC Chair Babak Hamidi Australia
7 Nominated by TC Chair Serge Varaksin France
8 Nominated Member Chan-Young Yune South Korea
9 Corresponding Member Jason Redgers United Kingdom
10 Nominated Member almer van der Stoel Netherlands
11 Nominated Member jeroen dijkstra Netherlands
12 Nominated Member Massimo Grisolia Italy
13 Nominated Member Alessandro Flora Italy
14 Corresponding Member Fabien SZYMKIEWICZ France
15 Nominated Member Ioannis Markou Greece
16 Nominated Member Choong-Ki Chung South Korea
17 Nominated Member Athanasios Platis Greece
18 Nominated Member Satyendra Mittal India
19 Nominated Member Sanjay Gupta India
20 Nominated Member Nilo Consoli Brazil
21 Nominated Member Alain LeKOUBY France
22 Nominated Member Jian Chu Singapore
23 Nominated Member Péter Nagy Austria
24 Nominated Member Abir Al-Tabbaa United Kingdom
25 Nominated Member Robert Essler United Kingdom
26 Corresponding Member Robert Hutchison United Kingdom
27 Corresponding Member Vittorio Manassero Italy
28 Nominated Member George Tsitsas Romania
29 Corresponding Member Ilhan Chang Australia
30 Corresponding Member Shanyong Wang Australia
31 Corresponding Member Hadi Khabbaz Australia
32 Nominated Member Chenhui Lee Australia
33 Corresponding Member Bosco Poon Australia
34 Corresponding Member Sadegh Nadimi United Kingdom
35 Corresponding Member Anthony O'Brien United Kingdom
36 Nominated Member Huy Hung Tran Vietnam
37 Corresponding Member Rafael Jiménez Rodríguez Spain
38 Corresponding Member Svetlana Melentijevic Spain
39 Corresponding Member Victor Jorge Brito de la Nuez Spain
40 Corresponding Member Matteo Ciantia United Kingdom
41 Corresponding Member Giuseppe Modoni Italy
42 Corresponding Member B. Umashankar India
43 Nominated Member Abdullah Ekinci Cyprus
44 Corresponding Member Dr. Bindumadhava India
45 Corresponding Member Vernon Schaefer United States
46 Corresponding Member Jie Han United States
47 Corresponding Member Leo Quirin France
48 Nominated Member Duc Manh Nguyen Vietnam
49 Nominated Member Hanlong Liu China
50 Corresponding Member Dongsheng Chang Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
51 Corresponding Member Henry Shiu Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
52 Nominated Member Sunny So Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
53 Nominated Member Sergio Lourenco Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
54 Nominated Member Muthusamy Karthikeyan Singapore
55 Nominated Member António Alves Cristóvão Portugal
56 Nominated Member António Alberto Correia Portugal
57 Corresponding Member Alexandre Pinto Portugal
58 Corresponding Member Agostinho Mendonça Portugal
59 Nominated Member Jimmy Wehr Germany
60 Nominated Member Johannes Kirstein Germany
61 Nominated Member Jianyong Shi China
62 Nominated Member Masaki Kitazume Japan
63 Nominated Member Yoshihisa Miyata Japan
64 Nominated Member Salah Sadek Lebanon
65 Corresponding Member Shadi Najjar Lebanon
66 Corresponding Member Mitsuo Nozu Japan
67 Nominated Member Leena Korkiala-Tanttu Finland
68 Nominated Member Hung-Jiun Liao Chinese Taipei
69 Nominated Member Anand J. Puppala United States
70 Nominated Member Jorge Castro Spain
71 Nominated Member Gustavo Armijo Spain
72 Nominated Member Onder Akcakal Turkey
73 Nominated Member Ece Kurt Turkey
74 Corresponding Member Sylvie BRETELLE France
75 Nominated Member Masoud Makarchian Iran
76 Nominated Member Martin Larisch New Zealand
77 Corresponding Member Ozer Cinicioglu Turkey
78 Corresponding Member Hamza Gullu Turkey
79 Corresponding Member muge İnanir Turkey
80 Corresponding Member Aydin Kavak Turkey
81 Nominated Member Endra Susila Indonesia
82 Nominated Member Buddhima Indraratna Australia
83 Nominated Member Michał Topolnicki Poland
84 Nominated Member Joanna Bzówka Poland
85 Nominated Member F.F. ZEKHNIEV Russia
86 Nominated Member A.B. PONOMARYOV Russia
87 Nominated Member Göran Holm Sweden
88 Nominated Member Stefan Larsson Sweden
89 Nominated Member Alireza Alemzadeh Iran
90 Nominated Member Daniel R. Verastegui Belgium
91 Nominated Member Jean-Claude Verbrugge Belgium
92 Corresponding Member Sadik Oztoprak Turkey

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Host Member Society: Belgium
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