Geotechnical Challenges in Mexico City Clay

Geotechnical Challenges in Mexico City Clay

Presenter: Prof. Gabriel Auvinet
Title: Geotechnical Challenges in Mexico City Clay
Launching Date & Time: 18th of April 2016 12:00pm GMT


Session Question & Answer [CLOSED]


Hi Gabriel, Very interesting overwiew of goetechnical problems in Mexico City. I would like to know your point of view related to control piles as an option for foundations in Mexicvo City. Is it too expensive due to constant maintenance, and for that reason they are not considered as an option? From the point of view of their behavior, they are still an option if we could reduce the cost of maintenance? Do they behave correctly during earthquakes? Best regards,Eduardo Rojas

Auvinet Gabriel

Dear Eduardo, Thank you for your comment. I should have mentioned the control piles among the alternatives for foundation of buildings. These piles include a very clever mechanical system that allows controling the loading transfered to each pile and correcting any differential settlement. They can also be used for underpinning other types of foundations when necessary. They have been used for around 800 buildings in Mexico City. Cost of maintenance and inspection after each earthquake is indeed a drawback. During earthquakes, damage to the mechanical system can occur but this does not lead to failure of the foundation since the loading is temporarily transfered to the soil through the raft. When carefully designed, I consider control piles is a good option. especially for medium rise buildings. This could be the topic of another lecture...