Geotechnical Engineering for Conservation of Heritage

Geotechnical Engineering for Conservation of Heritage

Presenter: Prof. Yoshinori Iwasaki
Title: Geotechnical Engineering for Conservation of Heritage
Launching Date & Time: 29th of June 2016 12:00pm GMT


Session Question & Answer [CLOSED]

Balzhan Kaldanova

How about of behavior Kumamoto Temple after Kumamoto earthquake?

Yoshinori Iwasaki

Kumamoto Earthquake is a swarm quakes. Very strong earthquakes still continues. Faults on the surface ruptures ground near the epicenter. Kumamoto Castle had suffered severe damage.

Adbulla Omarov

Prof. Yoshinori Iwasaki. Thank you for the lecture. How about geotechnical and structural problematics in Palmyra(Syria)?

Yoshinori Iwasaki

Palmyra in Silia had the same damage as Bamiyan in Afghanistan. The Buddha statues in Bamiyan was exploded into thousands parts of pieces of cobbles. It is a pity action to destroy the heritage of ancient cultures to be preserved in the future.

Gulzhanat Tanyrberg

Thank you Prof. Yoshinori Iwasaki. How to protect the stone towers of Angkor against tilt and displacement of masonry? What are the impact of the wind and heavy rains?

Yoshinori Iwasaki

Dear Gulzhanat Tanyrbergenova Thanks for your question. good question. In the past time before monitoring movements of towers, the wind was not considered as causing failure of stone towers. Growing trees, especially roots were considered as the main factors. Japanese team installed weather station and displacement sensors in stone tower, it was recorded the strong wind resulted non-reversal displacement and may cause the failure. We are planning to install some cross-bolting between stones to prevent separation of blocks. Heavy rains are not directly affecting stone stability. However, Heavy rains are also good reason to weaken foundation of stone towers. We improve foundation soils by mixing some chemicals.

Assem Issina

Dear Prof. Iwasaki, thank you very much for your webinar. What can you say about the authenticity of Angkor?

Yoshinori Iwasaki

DearAssem Issina Thanks for your question. Authenticity of Angkor in general is as follows, A pond that surround the temple, the water represents sea water and the temple is considered as land where human being lives. At the center of the temple, the highest point where god stays. The Temple in Angkor represents the model of the world. There are some other characteristics of the authenticity in Angkor. However, the above concept is the most interesting. Yoshi iwasaki

Aliya Aldungarova

Dear Professor, good day, Thank you for very interesting themes of webinar. My question: What studies and activities are planned for the near future, associated with the temple complex of Angkor? Thank you very much, Aliya.