A special session of TC219 was held in Geoshanghai2024 conference

A special session of TC219 was held in Geoshanghai2024 conference

Host Member Society: System Performance (TC219)

Webpage: http://www.geo-shanghai.org


Special session

TC219 System Performance-Based Design of Geotechnical and Underground Engineering Structures

Session Chair: Gang Zheng; Dongmei Zhang

Invited keynote

 System Safety Performance and Resilience of Deep Excavation and Underground Engineering

Xuesong Cheng, Gang Zheng, Tianqi Zhang, Tianjin University

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Invited keynote

Seismic resilience assessment of shield tunnels in soft soils,

Zhongkai Huang, Tongji University

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Paper presentation

Comparative evaluations of building impact assessment due to adjacent tunneling

Nattanai Ekaksorn, King Mongkut's U. of Tech. Thonburi

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Paper presentation

Asymmetric Instability Damage Patterns of Curved Shield Tunnels Based on Transparent Soil Visualisation Model Tests

Mengxi Zhang, Shanghai University

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Paper presentation

Rigid Inclusions Performance as Ground Improvement for Lacustrine Clays

Gabriel Colorado, Metro Linea 1

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Paper presentation

Research paradigm of resilience of underground space systems in megacities: current situation and prospects

Kai-Hang Han, Shenzhen University