Announcing the 6th McClelland Lecturer – Professor Richard Jardine

The McClelland Lecture is the honour lecture of ISSMGE TC209, with the recipient selected by a panel of peers from across the offshore geotechnical profession.

Announcing the 6th McClelland Lecturer Professor Richard Jardine

ISSMGE Technical Committee 209 Offshore Geotechnics is delighted to announce that Professor Richard Jardine of Imperial College has been invited to deliver the 6th McClelland Lecture.

Richard has contributed to offshore geotechnical engineering over most of his career. His early research pioneered laboratory-based small-strain FE modelling of foundations, included the first field observations of North Sea pile group load-displacement behaviour and paved the way for the ICP (Imperial College Pile) design method with findings that underpin international practice. Richards subsequent contributions encompass characterising geomaterial non-linearity, anisotropy, brittleness and cyclic loading through advanced laboratory testing, as well as designing new instruments and experimental protocols for field experiments, physical models and prototype research. Working with colleagues he devised new approaches to investigate and analyse very large offshore landslides and methodologies for suction bucket foundation design. Richards current focus is mainly on renewable energy applications. A key PISA JIP Academic Work Group member, he contributed to developing research-based guidelines for monopile design that are now widely adopted by industry. He leads the ALPACA research JIPs into the axial-and-lateral, cyclic-and-monotonic behaviour of offshore piles driven in chalk and was co-leader of the recent PAGE JIP into the ageing of piles driven in sands.

Richards work has led to prestigious invited lectures including the Geotechnique, Coulomb, Bishop (ISSMGE Honour) and Rankine Lectures. He has received awards from American Society of Civil Engineers, ASTM and the French, Canadian, Chinese, Irish, Portuguese and Japanese national societies, as well as multiple UK awards including Fellowship of Royal Academy of Engineering.

Richard will deliver his lecture at the SUT's Offshore Site Investigation and Geotechnics (OSIG) 9th International Conference Innovative Geotechnologies for Energy Transition in September 2023.

Congratulations Richard!