TC209 Offshore

Offshore Geotechnics

TC 209 will disseminate knowledge on offshore geotechnics as follows:

* lead the publication of a special issue of the Australian Geomechanics journal dedicated to Offshore Geotechnics. TC209 will work to release the copyright of these papers so that they can be posted on the ISSMGE website

* Prepare keynotes lectures and papers at the following key conferences: 3rd International Symposium on Frontiers in Offshore Geotechnics, Oslo, June 2015 - Offshore Site Investigation and Geotechnics SUT conference - London - Sept. 2017. *

Organize a prediction event on the penetration of offshore jack-up spudcan foundation and present results at above conferences.

* Award the ISSMGE Honor McClelland Lecture every 2 to 3 years and have it delivered at major conferences. Record the lecture and post the paper, presentation, and video files on the ISSMGE website.

Guidelines will be published on the following topics, as keynotes or special lectures:

* Cyclic soil properties, as part of the ISSMGE 3rd McClelland lecture.

* Geotechnics on key aspects of offshore wells and conductors, as keynote lecture of 3rd ISFOG. Other topics may include: top-hole drilling and goehazards, time effects on pile capacity, or pile driving in difficult soils.

Engage with and lead the delivery of key parts of the following conferences:

* 3rd International Symposium on Frontiers in Offshore Geotechnics (ISFOG), Oslo, June 2015.

* Offshore Site Investigation and Geotechnics SUT conference - London - Sept. 2017.

* Offshore Technology Conference, Houston TX, yearly Assist with technical programs of international and regional conferences organized by the ISSMGE

TC209 will link with the following organizations:

* Houston and UK chapters of OSIG/SUT committees,

* Offshore Technology Conference Organizing Committee,

* Deep Foundation Institute (DFI)

# Type Full Name Country
1 Chair Phil Watson Australia
2 Vice Chair Robert Gilbert United States
3 Secretary Bas van Dijk Netherlands
5 Nominated by TC Chair Richard Jardine United Kingdom
6 Nominated by TC Chair Ed Clukey United States
7 Nominated by TC Chair Gulin Yetginer United Kingdom
8 Nominated by TC Chair Susan Gourvenec United Kingdom
9 Nominated Member Santiram Chatterjee India
10 Nominated Member Viet Hung Le Vietnam
11 Nominated Member Kris Wessel Andersen Denmark
12 Nominated Member Harun Kursat Engin Turkey
13 Nominated Member Cassie Rutherford United States
14 Nominated Member Benjamin SOUVIAT France
15 Nominated Member Elisabeth PALIX France
16 Nominated Member Yun Wook Choo South Korea
17 Nominated Member Fuping Gao China
18 Nominated Member Panos Papanastasiou Cyprus
19 Corresponding Member Victor Terente United Kingdom
20 Corresponding Member Miguel Pacheco Andrade United Kingdom
21 Nominated Member Tae-Hyung Kim South Korea
22 Nominated Member Federico Pisano` Italy
23 Corresponding Member Heon-Joon PARK South Korea
24 Corresponding Member Andy Barwise United Kingdom
25 Corresponding Member Ángel García-Fontanet Spain
26 Corresponding Member Ignacio González Tejada Spain
27 Nominated Member Jorge Castro Spain
28 Corresponding Member Amin Barari Denmark
29 Nominated Member Tim Newson Canada
30 Nominated Member Ryan Phillips Canada
31 Corresponding Member Ed Clukey United States
32 Nominated Member António Gonçalves Pedro Portugal
33 Corresponding Member Zhongxuan Yang China
34 Nominated Member Jose Parra Venezuela
35 Nominated Member R.K. Ghanekar India
36 Corresponding Member Sumanta Haldar India
37 Corresponding Member James Doherty Australia
38 Nominated Member Noel Boylan Australia
39 Nominated Member Lizhong Wang China
40 Nominated Member Philippe Jeanjean United States
41 Corresponding Member Tim Carrington United Kingdom
42 Corresponding Member Gulin Yetinger United Kingdom
43 Nominated Member Jürgen Grabe Germany
44 Nominated Member Paul Knight United Kingdom
45 Nominated Member Chun Fai Leung Singapore
46 Nominated Member Fernando Schnaid Brazil
47 Nominated Member Lien-Kwei Chien Chinese Taipei
48 Nominated Member Marcos Arroyo Spain
49 Nominated Member Wen- Jong Chang Chinese Taipei
50 Nominated Member Ryszard Coufal Poland
51 Nominated Member Youhu Zhang Norway
52 Corresponding Member William Van Impe Belgium
53 Nominated Member Richard Jewell Belgium
54 Nominated Member Marc Van Den Broeck Belgium
55 Nominated Member Dora Shum Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
56 Nominated Member Alistair Muir Wood United Kingdom
57 Nominated Member Mehmet Baris Can Ulker Turkey
58 Nominated Member Dirk Luger Netherlands
59 Corresponding Member Laura Govoni Italy
60 Nominated Member Hendriyawan Hendriyawan Indonesia
61 Nominated Member Vladimir Thumann Netherlands
62 Nominated Member Behrouz Gatmiri Iran
63 Corresponding Member Emilio Nicolini Italy
64 Nominated Member Shadi Najjar Lebanon
65 Corresponding Member Jin Man Kim South Korea
66 Corresponding Member Alain PUECH France
67 Corresponding Member Sylvie BRETELLE France
68 Corresponding Member Jianhong Zhang China
69 Nominated Member Christophe Gaudin Australia
70 Corresponding Member Muhammad Shazzad Hossain Australia
71 Corresponding Member Kaushik Mukherjee India
72 Nominated Member Ken Gavin Ireland
73 Nominated Member Duruo Huang Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

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Host Member Society: USA

Short name: Offshore (TC209)

ISSMGE McClelland Honor Lecture
      1st McClelland Lecture - James D. (Don) Murff- Text      
      1st McClelland Lecture - James D. (Don) Murff - Presentation
      1st McClelland Lecture - James D. (Don) Murff - Video

      2nd McClelland Lecture - Mark Randolph - Text
      2nd McClelland Lecture - Mark Randolph - Presentation
      2nd McClelland Lecture - Mark Randolph - Video

      3rd McClelland Lecture - Knut Andersen - Text
      3rd McClelland Lecture - Knut Andersen - Presentation
      3rd McClelland Lecture - Knut Andersen - Video

      4th McClelland Lecture - Alan G. Young - Text
      4th McClelland Lecture - Alan G. Young - Presentation
      4th McClelland Lecture - Alan G.Young - Video

TC209 Workshop at 18th ICSMGE - Paris - 2013
      Design for cyclic loading - Piles and other foundations - Proceedings of TC209 Workshop at 18th ICSMGE - Paris - 2013

Special Issue of Australian Geomechanics Journal on Offshore Geotechnics
      Australian Geomechanics Journal - Volume 48 No 4 December 2013 - Part 1  
      Australian Geomechanics Journal - Volume 48 No 4 December 2013 - Part 2

      2013 TC209 Offshore Geotechnics Administrative Report
      Key Publications in Offshore Geotechnics

Useful links:
     Guidance notes on offshore geotechnical site investigations for renewable energy, marine pipelines, and subsea structures can be downloaded at the following link:
     Offshore Site Investigation and Geotechnics (OSIG) - Society for Underwater Technology

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