International Conference on Geotechnical Engineering Education 2020 (GEE2020)

The Conference Geotechnical Engineering Education 2020 (GEE2020) will be held in Athens, Greece, on June 24-25 2020. The Conference is organized by the Technical Committee TC306 for Geo-Engineering Education of the ISSMGE, under the auspices of the Hellenic SSMGE and the School of Civil Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens. The conference in Athens will be the fifth, after Sinaia, Romania (2000), Constantza, Romania (2008), Galway, Ireland (2012) and Belo Horizonte, Brazil (2016).

The Conference GEE2020 has two priority themes (in addition to more typical education themes such as curricula, coursework and educational material) that include:

  1. two-way interaction between industry and academia for co-production of educational material and curriculum development
  2. familiarizing young geotechnical faculty and late-stage PhD candidates with research-based good practices in engineering education.


Keynote lectures

Susan Ambrose

Professor Ambrose will talk about seven basic principles of learning, because learning results from what students do, and only what students do; our impact as educators is in creating the conditions to engage students in the process that leads to learning. The seven principles will be translated into practice in the design and teaching of courses, labs, studios, and other educational experiences.

Rodrigo Salgado

Professor Salgado will talk about issues that come up when authoring a new textbook on Geotechnical Engineering, such as decisions on (i) where to follow an alternative approach, compared with existing textbooks, and (ii) updating material to keep up with progress in geotechnical engineering research and practice.


Invited Lectures

Vasilia Christidou

Professor Christidou will talk about the role of visual literacy throughout the education levels and in engineering.

Ton de Jong

Professor de Jong will talk about virtual laboratories and virtual-physical laboratory combinations.

Minna Karstunen

Professor Karstunen will talk about combining in a geotechnics course problem-based learning with Class B and Class C predictions of clay settlements.



The Acropolis Museum



Registration Fees

Early Bird Fee (until May 15, 2020):       270 Euros
Regular Fee:       350 Euros
Graduate Student (full-time) Fee:       100 Euros