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Geo-engineering Education

Host Member Society: Greece
Short name:  Geo-education  (TC306)

TC306 focuses on the fundamentals of soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering, i.e. topics typically covered in undergraduate curricula. Its primary, but not exclusive, audience is currently active, past and future geotechnical engineering educators.

Dissemination venues

Updated information on the activities of TC306, besides being reported in this web portal hosted by ISSMGE, is also available in the following online venues.

TC306 GeoWorld website: web repository and forum for discussions

ISSMGE Online Library: online access to proceedings of TC306 conferences

TC306 YouTube channel: official channel for the dissemination of videos

Work Method

TC306 work is accomplished through meetings, working groups and task forces.


Meetings take place at ICSMGE and ECSMGE conferences, via e-mail and online meeting platforms (minutes are produced for all kinds of meetings).


Organization of Conferences & Workshops (coordinator: TC306 chair)


Webinars & Elearning (leader: Michele Calvello)

What to Teach (under construction)


Webinar by Prof. Marina Pantazidou: Teaching Environmental Geotechnics, Behind the Scenes (April 2, 2021)

Prof. Marina Pantazidou, Chair ot TC306, will deliver a Geoenvironmental Engineering Webinar, whose subtitle is "Why both students and teachers can benefit from understanding (a little bit) how the brain works".


Date and Time: April 2, 2021, 9 am &nda

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TC306 launches Educational Video “What happens when soil compresses”, using best instructional practices

TC306 and its Chair Prof. Marina Pantazidou are pleased to launch an educational video on “What happens when soil compresses” using best instructional practices, and make it available through ISSMGE’s Virtual University platform. Specifically:

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Geo-Congress 2022 includes Special Topic on Geo-Education

The 2022 Geo-Congress (the annual conference of ASCE's Geo-Institute) in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA (March 20-23, 2022) has a special topic on Education:

Advances in Geo-Education: Integrating design and research, industry collaborations, virtual learning, new approach

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Here’s a compilation of educational material that starts with the question “how can I motivate the study of Soil Mechanics topics in my class?” and provides answers with a combination of materials drawn from practice, research and education. One of the best ways

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GEE 2020 teaser video

GEE  2020, the International Conference on Geotechnical Engineering Education is about to start.

Watch this short video invitation by the members of ISSMGE Technical Committee 306

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Attend GEE 2020 on June 23-25: 3 days (from 50 euros) or partially (for no fee)

The Int. Soc. for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE) and its Technical Committee for Geo-Education TC306 offer you open access attendance of the first day of the conference on Geotechnical Engineering Education GEE 2020, on June 23, 2020, through the ISSMGE

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International Conference on Geotechnical Engineering Education (GEE 2020) ONLINE, June 23-25, 2020

Following the unprecedented changes in our personal and professional lives due to Covid-19 and after careful consideration and evaluation of the risks and alternatives, the Organizing Committee of the International Conference on Geotechnical Engineering Education (GEE 2020),

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International Conference on Geotechnical Engineering Education 2020 (GEE2020)

The Conference Geotechnical Engineering Education 2020 (GEE2020) will be held in Athens, Greece, on June 24-25 2020. The Conference is organized by the Technical Committee TC306 for Geo-Engineering Education of the ISSMGE, under the auspices of the Helleni

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A vision for TC306 in Lee Shulman's words: Putting an End to Pedagogical Solitude

The following is a synthesis of excerpts from a short article by Lee Shulman that conforms to the 200 word limit allowed by the publisher for free use. Please check out the article here. Lee Shulman is an educational psychologist, professor emeritus at Stanford Graduate School of

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Prof. Carlo Viggiani delivered the first TC306 case-study webinar

The case-study webinar "Porto Tolle test embankment - A full scale experiment on the consolidation of a thick clay layer" delivered by Prof. Carlo Viggiani, Emeritus Professor of Geotechnical Engineering at University of Naples “Federico II” (Italy), is avai

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Bare Essentials of Soil Mechanics by John Burland – a brief review

Professor John Burland has developed a suite of five short videos (2 to 6 minutes) on the engineering behavior of soil. The emphasis is on the particulate nature of soils and its implications for soil strength. All videos are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonComme

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TC306 workshop 19th ICSMGE Seoul

Workshop Theme

GeoEngineering Education: What should graduates be able to do & What and How to teach to enable them to do it

Workshop Presentations

Introduction: Marina Pantazidou PDF, Panelists: Gye-Chun Cho PDF, Carlos Santamarina PDF, Cino Viggiani PDF


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First John Burland Lecture delivered

First John Burland Lecture: "Basic Geotechnical Engineering Skills - What Can Graduates Do?"
Delivered by Prof. John Atkinson, on October 20, 2016, on occasion of SFGE 2016 (Shaping the Future of Geotechnical Education), the International Conference on Geo-Engineering

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TC306 focuses on the fundamentals of soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering, i.e. topics typically covered in undergraduate curricula. Its primary, but not exclusive, audience is currently active, past and future geotechnical engineering educators.

Updated information on the activities of TC306 is reported in this main web portal hosted by ISSMGE. Other dissemination avenues include the following:

1.1) A web repository and forum for discussions (TC306 GeoWorld website);

1.2) Online access to proceedings of the TC306 conferences through the ISSMGE Online Library;

1.3) A series of “Case Study Webinars” (TC306 YouTube channel).

TC306 aims to enrich the toolbox of geotechnical engineering instructors through:

2.1) Debates on challenges of teaching fundamental concepts;

2.2) Recommendations for geotechnical curricula;

2.3) Reviews of: resources for geotechnical laboratory classes; e-learning resources; other transferable/reusable geotechnical education material; useful geotechnical engineering education references.

New material is first announced in the “News” Tab of the TC306 ISSMGE site and then archived in the TC306 GeoWorld website under “Files”.


Conference-related activities of TC306 include:

3.1) Organization of the TC306 conference on geotechnical engineering education and theme workshops and specialty sessions in ISSMGE conferences;

3.2) Organization and promotion of the John Burland Honour Lecture (the 1st John Burland Lecture was delivered by Prof. John Atkinson in 2016);

3.3) Collaborations with other ISSMGE Technical Committees (TCs) for promoting and publicizing education sessions in specialty conferences organized by these TCs.


TC306 aims to foster industry-academia collaboration to produce results that address two main needs expressed by the following questions:

4.1) “How can academia better tailor the teaching of geotechnical basics to the needs of the industry?” – involvement of industry in curriculum development.

4.2) “How can the industry collaborate with academia to co-produce (a) case study material suitable for undergraduate instruction and (b) geotechnical characterization data suitable for the development of course assignments and projects?” – involvement of industry in the development of educational material.


# Type Full Name Country
1 Chair Marina Pantazidou Greece
2 Vice Chair David Airey Australia
3 Secretary Michele Calvello Italy
4 Nominated by TC Chair Susan Burns United States
5 Nominated by TC Chair Anna Shidlovskaya Russia
6 Nominated by TC Chair Asif Ahmed United States
7 Nominated Member Emil Mejlhede Kinslev Denmark
8 Nominated Member Toshifumi Mukunoki Japan
9 Nominated Member Muhsin Rahhal Lebanon
10 Nominated Member Takeshi Katsumi Japan
11 Corresponding Member Brian Byrne Ireland
12 Nominated Member Andy Leung Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
13 Nominated Member Jun Yang Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
14 Nominated Member Margarida Pinho Lopes Portugal
15 Nominated Member Manuel Matos Fernandes Portugal
16 Nominated Member Alberto Ledesma Spain
17 Nominated Member Jitendrapal Sharma Canada
18 Nominated Member Mark Jaksa Australia
19 Nominated Member Ali Pak Iran
20 Nominated Member C. H. Solanki India
21 Nominated Member Thomas Shire United Kingdom
22 Nominated Member John Atkinson United Kingdom
23 Nominated Member Riccardo Berardi Italy
24 Nominated Member Caterina Di Maio Italy
25 Nominated Member Masrouri Farimah France
26 Corresponding Member Giovanna Biscontin United Kingdom
27 Nominated Member Bryan McCabe Ireland
28 Nominated Member Waldemar Coelho Hachich Brazil
29 Nominated Member Katia Bicalho Brazil
30 Nominated Member M. Rama Rao India
31 Nominated Member Tae-Hyuk Kwon South Korea
32 Corresponding Member Sadegh Nadimi United Kingdom
33 Nominated Member George Anoyatis Belgium
34 Nominated Member Huabei Liu China
35 Nominated Member Tugba Eskişar Tefçi Turkey
36 Corresponding Member Hideki Ohta Japan
37 Nominated Member Orianne JENCK France
38 Nominated Member Gretchen Bohnhoff United States
39 Nominated Member Sandra Orlandi Argentina
40 Nominated Member Virginia Sosa Argentina
41 Nominated Member Xia Li China
42 Nominated Member Silvana Montoya-Noguera Colombia
43 Nominated Member Charles MacRobert South Africa
44 Nominated Member George Fanourakis South Africa
45 Corresponding Member Vasiliki Dimitriadi Greece
46 Corresponding Member Polyxeni Kallioglou Greece
47 Nominated Member Vasiliki Xenaki Greece

The “John Burland Lecture” is TC306 Honor lecture.


Second John Burland Lecture

"Reflections on Some Contemporary Aspects of Geotechnical Engineering Education – From Critical State to Virtual Immersion"

Delivered by Prof. Mark Jaksa on June 23, 2020, during the online International Conference on Geotechnical Engineering Education, GEE 2020, streamed from Athens, Greece.


First John Burland Lecture

"Basic Geotechnical Engineering Skills - What Can Graduates Do?"

Delivered by Prof. John Atkinson, on October 20, 2016, on occasion of SFGE 2016 (Shaping the Future of Geotechnical Education), the International Conference on Geo-Engineering Education, organized by TC306 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Recorded at the Studio of Centro de Apoio à Educação a Distância - CAED/UFMG, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Camera: Kellison Vinícius and Belchior Thiago, Production: Ernane Oliveira and Fernanda Rosendo, Editing and finalization: Ernane Oliveira


Mid-term Report April 2019: TC306Mid-termReport2017-2019.pdf

Administrative Report August 2017: TC306_Administrative_Report_2017.pdf

Publication Policies: TC306_PublicationPolicies.pdf

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