Invitation to participate in continuing TC106 (Unsaturated Soils) - TC306 interactions

At the PanAm UNSAT 2021 preconference webinar "Teaching unsaturated soil mechanics at the undergraduate level" (Del Fredlund, Bernardo Caicedo, John McCartney, Katia Bicalho, Gilson Gitirana),  we heard about how specialists teach unsaturated soil mechanics in their undergraduate courses.

Next week on May 3rd, a follow up panel discussion will take up the perspective of the non-specialist at the UNSAT 2023 in Milos Island, Greece: "Unsaturated Soil Mechanics instruction: Guiding the non-specialist instructor". Panelists Sandra Houston, John McCartney and Alessandro Tarantino have been asked by panel moderator Marina Pantazidou to give their answers to 14 questions, which have been posted at the conference site.

You are invited to visit the UNSAT 2023 site, take a look at the questions and join the discussion by sending comments, answers and additional questions to the panel moderator.