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Heritage Time Capsule (HTC) Project

What is the ISSMGE Heritage Time Capsule (HTC)?


The ISSMGE Heritage Time Capsule (HTC) is basically a collection of contributions from individuals and groups belonging to the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE). These contributions are gathered from 2020 to 2023 and aim at showing what is the history of the Society and what are its present goals. It is designed to be useful for the present and future generations of geotechnical scientists and engineers.

The contributions are all in electronic format, including video recordings, commented slide presentations, text documents and articles.

Part A contains the contributions of the Member Societies (MSs) of the ISSMGE (there are 90 MSs in 2022), of its Technical Committees TCs (there are 38 TCs in 2022) and of Corporate Associates from industry.

Part B is devoted to the contributions from the past Presidents of the ISSMGE or of their champions (there are 18 past Presidents from 1936 to 2023), as well as from a number of key persons, Regional Vice-Presidents, 2017-2022, and members of some Board Level Committees of the ISSMGE.  

Part C will be relaunched in 2023 for contributions, coming from discoverers (geotechnical scientists and engineers who want to comment on given contributions and the future) and from the outcome of sessions of ISSMGE conferences dedicated to the presentation of the HTC. Lectures from outside specialists are also envisaged.

The construction of the HTC and the discussions are aimed at creating a collective experience and triggering conversations among many of the present individual members of the ISSMGE. Our aspiration is that this experience and the discussions that are provoked will be useful for future generations, by presenting contemporary issues and suggesting possible ways forward for addressing them.     


The ISSMGE HTC Project Team

12 October 2022

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