Time Capsule Project



The Time Capsule Project (TCP) has the following aims:

  1. To bring through some of the collective experience of their member societies and technical committees in an accessible way for broader geotechnical community, and enable positive and uplifting conversations across the individual membership, in a challenging time for all of us.
  2. To assist the current and future generation of geotechnical engineers with a road map that helps them access the past, present and future in geotechnical engineering, globally, and stir their collective curiosity.
  3. To provide a platform for the up-and-coming cohort of geotechnical engineers to stand for, and to tell the story of their member society/ technical committee, and in this way take on the leadership of addressing the challenges of the communities of the future.


A key focus of the TCP is the "process" by which there is connection and interaction with the individual members about the work of the contributors, an outcome of which is the "product" that is offered to the TCP for storage and display.  

The TCP Design Team has organised several periodical meetings with potential contributors to provide guidance and monitor the ongoing process.

Through the respective vice presidents, 71 member societies have confirmed that they will be submitting, with the following commitment percentages - Africa 50%; Asia 70%; Australasia 100%; Europe 80%; North America 100%; and South America 100%. 

Corporate Associates, Technical Committees, YMPG, and past presidents of the ISSMGE and others are active in creating contributions.

It is ISSMGE's expectation that

  • submissions offered for the time capsule have secured all appropriate authorisations within the submitting organisation, and are first displayed and promoted on the originators' websites, marked as submissions to the ISSMGE Time Capsule 2022
  • secure and authorised links to the relevant web pages of the originator are to be notified to the ISSMGE IT department
  • a backup electronic copy of each submission needs to be provided to the ISSMGE IT department for the purpose of archival with the ISSMGE.

The TCP Design Team is not involved in reviewing or authorising any submission for the TCP.  

TCP material post conference (THE PRODUCT) will comprise those listed in the following three parts.


A simple, contents listing, (with links to web pages), subdivided into contributions by past presidents, member societies, technical committees, YMPG, Corporate Associates and material offered by the the Innovation and Development Committee (IDC). (WORD DOCUMENT)

A trailer of the product - Still rough, short (if possible) presentations/trailers of all the material. A trailer of the information. Something that is available long term. Trailer to point people to more interesting items. (PRE RECORDED VIDEO)

At the 20th ICSMGE (Sydney, 1- 5 May 2022)

  • Discussions with Custodians - The ability to talk to someone about something in the time capsule. Custodians of items need to stand for and explain the role of the item. (LIVE RECORDING BY CONFERENCE ORGANISERS)
  • Treasure hunt - Theme - on common lines/ divergences across the board; Quizzes and games - require recollection & finding certain pieces of information. (LIVE RECORDING BY CONFERENCE ORGANISERS)


Past presidents' material - contributions of the 16 past presidents of the ISSMGE. (PRE RECORDED VIDEO/ PODCASTS/ WORD DOCUMENTS)

Vice presidents (2017 - 2022) presentations on each regional process and product (PRE RECORDED VIDEO/ PODCASTS/ WORD DOCUMENTS)

Future of Geotechnical Engineering, extracts from YMPG online 2021 event (PRE RECORDED VIDEO)

"Resources and Activities of the ISSMGE and how to get involved", Webinar Series, 2022,  proposed by IDC (PRE RECORDED WEBINARS)

  • ISSMGE President's Year-in-Review
  • ISSMGE innovation activities and resources of value to geotechnical engineering professionals
  • Bringing new energy and fun to the ISSMGE: How to get involved with YMPG
  • How can companies get engaged with ISSMGE
  • What do ISSMGE Technical Committees do and how to get involved


Discoverers - A team of 30 discoverers; Abstracters; To go through the material and highlight things they have found; Explaining how things link together; Need a cast of actors. 

Interactive displays - To help make sense of intense amount of information; Similar to interactive exhibits at a museum; Takes into account many people will not be interested with specifics.



The TCP Design Team is available to support all contributors and can be contacted through the contact form on this tab. 

Individual members can help promote debate and discussion by writing on any topic within the geotechnical engineering profession, using the Time Capsule Blog page (https://www.issmge.org/news/tcp-blog-posts). 

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