Part C

The material contained in this presentation/ document/online link has been prepared and/or provided for the launch of the ISSMGE Time Capsule Project at the 20th ICSMGE in Sydney (1-5 May 2022).

The contributors and/or representatives have authorised the ISSMGE to upload their contribution to the ISSMGE Time Capsule project to the ISSMGE website.

While the contributions are from individuals, committees and organisations associated with ISSMGE, the views expressed are those of the individuals, committees and organisations and do not necessarily represent the views or policies of ISSMGE. 

ISSMGE Time capsule session Day 2, Tuesday 3 May 2022  

Discoverers Contributions

Beena Ajmera USA  
Asal Bidarmaghz Australia View Contribution
Choo Siung Chung Malaysia View Contribution
Hans Date Mozambique  
Monica Löfman Finland View Contribution
Sonia H. M. Marques Portugal View Contribution

View Contribution
Confidence Tshilande South Africa  
Akanksha Tyagi India  

Suggestions for Discoverers (open to all) 

Contribution from Member Societies (Part A)

  • Pick two to three member societies (suggest to choose the societies is not your region)
  • Read the materials in their TCP website
  • Your feedback, including
    • a short summary of what are included in the TCP materials, and also key words, hashtag - for the audience in ICSMGE to have a quick understanding of the materials
    • What part do you think is the most interesting? - feedback to us and the member societies
    • Anything you think that is not clear, lack of information as an audience - we may pass the feedback to the member societies
    • Your thoughts on what will happen or what you want to happen in the future - Part of the Time Capsule!

Contribution from Technical Committee (Part A)

  • Pick one technical committee that you have interested or even considering to join in the future
  • Do the same as the member society


  • you are most welcome to provide comment on material in Parts A and B of the time capsule that has helped to increase your insight and understanding of the broader geotechnical community and / or any specific issue. 

Suggestions for Discoverers (format of your feedback)

  • Format of your feedback:
    • can be a form of article, video, audio, or any form that you want to use, but the feedback should be able to store virtually
  • 300 word abstract,
  • 3 min video,
  • or medium of your choice!
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