International Workshop on Prediction of Jinsha River Dam Breaching and Flood Routing

ISSMGE TC210 on Embankment Dams

International Workshop on Prediction of Jinsha River Dam Breaching and Flood Routing

Coordinator: Prof. Zuyu Chen, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research


The First International Conference on Embankment Dams will be held in Beijing on 5-7 June 2020.  During this conference, an international workshop on prediction of Jinsha River dam breaching and flood routing will be organised, coordinated by Prof. Zuyu Chen of China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research. International teams are invited to predict the breaching process of two recent landslide dams on the Jinsha River and the flood routing along the river, based on an information package provided by the organiser, and to present their findings during the Workshop.  The Workshop aims to synthesise the state-of-art of dam beaching and flood routing analysis, evaluate the capabilities of various analysis tools based on a common ground of the Baige dam breaching cases, and suggest new topics for future studies.   

The Jinsha River is one of the most important rivers in China due to its large basin size, the large population along the river and the numerous large dams and reservoirs on the river. The Jinsha River, was dammed twice recently at Baige, Tibet, one on 10 October 2018 and the other on 3 November 2018. Accordingly two large landslide dams were formed in a three-week interval, and breached subsequently, causing serious damage to the downstream residents and properties.  

Research teams from around the world are now invited to participate in this prediction workshop.

Key dates:

10-30 Nov. 2019. Express of interest. Write to to participate in the prediction workshop. Once approved, a package of topographic, geological and hydrologic information will be sent to the applicant.

1 Dec. 2019 – 14 Jan. 2020.  Prediction analysis.

15 Jan. 2020.  Submission of prediction results in a form of concise papers up to 8 pages, which will be included in the conference proceedings. Submit the paper to The paper template and consent-to-publish form can be down loaded at

7 June 2020.  Presentation of the prediction case. Each team will be allocated a 15 minute-presentation time.

7 June 2020.  Presentation of “Best Prediction Team Awards”. An expert panel will be formed to evaluate the submissions.