TC210 Embankment Dams

Embankment Dams

To promote co-operation and exchange of information concerning research and developments in geotechnical issues of dam construction among TC members and ISSMGE member societies.

1.   Promote conferences, short courses, webinars, theme lectures etc. Provide links from TC210 website.

2.   Encourage members to contribute to ISSMGE programmes.

3.   Launch an ISSMGE TC210 conference series: International Conference on Geotechnics  of Embankment Dams. The first conference is tentatively arranged in 2020 in Chengdu, China, which is close to a number of modern highrise rockfill dams.  

4.   Launch an ISSMGE lecture in honour of a distinguished researcher in embankment dam engineering.

5.   Launch a Developing Country Training Program, which supports delegates from developing countries to attend conferences and training programs organised by TC210.

To develop guidelines and bulletins for the design, construction and safe operation of embankment dams.

1.   Set up a list of publications recommended by members of TC210, published on the TC210 website.

2.   Present web based documents on the state of the art of dam engineering.

3.   Summarise the codes of practices in member society countries or regions.

4.   Identify new challenges in dam engineering practices: sustainability, climate change, data analytics, etc.

5.   Develop TC210 design guidelines in emerging niche areas.

6.   Summarize and share experiences on dealing with geotechnical problems in dam construction practices.

7.  Encourage reports and discussions on dam failure incidents and solutions for dams under complex geological conditions.

To assist with technical programs of international and regional conferences organized by the ISSMGE:

  1. Organise workshops and encourage paper submission to international and regional ISSMGE conferences.
  2. Launch an ISSMGE TC210 conference series: International Conference on Geotechnics of Embankment Dams.


ICOLD 26th Congress & 86th Annual Meeting, 1-7 July 2018, Vienna, Austria

The 7th International Conference on Unsaturated Soils (UNSAT2018), 3 Aug. 2018, Hong Kong 

XVI Asian Regional Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, 14 Oct. 2019, Taipei

7th International Symposium on Geotechnical Safety and Risk (ISGSR 2019), 12 Dec. 2019, Taipei

Fifth World Landslide Forum, 2 Nov. 2020, Japan, Kyoto 

Interact with industry and overlapping organizations working in areas related to TC210’s specialist areas

  1. Interact with national and international standards committees.
  2. Collaborate with ICOLD (International Commission on Large Dams). Encourage TC members join the activities of ICOLD.
  3. Collaborate with other ISSMGE technical committees, e.g. TC201, TC213 and TC304.
  4. Collaborate with member societies active in dam engineering, e.g. American Society of Civil Engineers, Association of Sate Dam Safety Officials USA, Canadian Geotechnical Society, Chinese Geotechnical Society, The Netherlands Geotechnical Society, and others.

# Type Full Name Country
1 Chair Limin Zhang Hong Kong
2 Secretary Rui Wang China
3 Nominated by TC Chair Zuyu Chen China
4 Nominated by TC Chair Kaare Hoeg Norway
5 Nominated Member S.R. Gandhi India
6 Nominated Member George Dounias Greece
7 Nominated Member Nikolaos Klimis Greece
8 Corresponding Member Baris Trak Turkey
9 Nominated Member Yoshikazu Yamaguchi Japan
10 Nominated Member Deniz Ulgen Turkey
11 Nominated Member Feyza Cinicioglu Turkey
12 Nominated Member Didiek Djarwadi Indonesia
13 Nominated Member EDUARDO OSCAR CAPDEVILA Argentina
14 Nominated Member Malcolm Eddleston United Kingdom
15 Nominated Member Angelo Amorosi Italy
16 Nominated Member Luca Pagano Italy
17 Nominated Member Paolo Pitasi United Kingdom
18 Nominated Member Nihal Vitharana Australia
19 Nominated Member Hendra Jitno Indonesia
20 Nominated Member Krzysztof Parylak Poland
21 Corresponding Member Daniele Cazzuffi Italy
22 Nominated Member Jean LAUNAY France
23 Nominated Member Koen Haelterman Belgium
24 Nominated Member Zheng-yi Feng Chinese Taipei
25 Nominated Member Miguel Pando United States
26 Nominated Member Daniel Pradel United States
27 Nominated Member Duruo Huang Hong Kong
28 Nominated Member GILSON GITIRANA Jr. Brazil
29 Nominated Member Chin Kok Toh Malaysia
30 Corresponding Member Octávio Pereira Portugal
31 Nominated Member João Marcelino Portugal
32 Nominated Member Laura Caldeira Portugal
33 Nominated Member Jörg Klompmaker Germany
34 Nominated Member Bernhard Odenwald Germany
35 Nominated Member ALBERTO SAYÃO Brazil
36 Nominated Member Antonio Soriano Spain
37 Nominated Member Zdzisław Skutnik Poland
38 Nominated Member Sven Knutsson Sweden
39 Nominated Member Siavash Litkoohi Iran
40 Nominated Member Jean-François Vanden Berghe Belgium
41 Nominated Member Mahendra Singh India

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Host Member Society: China

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ISSMGE TC210-Dams - Newsletter August 2011, Issue 1

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