Publications from Micro2MACRO2018 workshop

Here are some publications related to TC105 Geomechanics from Micro and Macro led by Drs. Pasquale Giovine and Giuseppe Mortara of University of Reggio Calabria. The publications originate from the workshop "micro to MACRO mathematical modelling in soil mechanics" that they organized in 2018.

1. “Views on Microstructures in Granular Materials”, Series "Advances in Continuum Mechanics” of Birkhäuser, Vol.44, November 2020. Editors: P. Giovine, P.M. Mariano, G. Mortara.

2. A special issue “Micromechanics of Granular Matter” of the International Journal of Solids and Structures of Elsevier, Vol. 187, 15 March 2020, Editors: P. Giovine, S. Kyriakides, P.M. Mariano, G. Mortara, C.G. di Prisco.

3. A special issue “Progress in mechanics of soils and general granular flows” of the International Journal Meccanica of Springer, Editors: P. Giovine, P.M. Mariano, G. Mortara, K. Soga. Vol. 54, Issue 4-5, March 2019.

4. The Proceedings of the Symposium on “Micro to MACRO Mathematical Modelling in Soil Mechanics” was released in the Series “Trends in Mathematics” of Birkhäuser, Editors: P. Giovine, P.M. Mariano, G. Mortara.