TC 307 - ISSMGE Sustainability Committee - Status Report 2

Dear TC307,

Greetings! Let me take this opportunity to first wish you all a Happy New Year (belated) and a Happy Chinese New Year! Here are report items:

1.We are waiting to hear on what papers will be accepted and allocated to TC307 for the conference. Due to the postponement of ISSMGE Sydney conference activities, we will have to wait for a few more months before we know the exact number of papers accepted. Regarding our two proposed sessions, we talked about one session to focus on invited talks and other one is for papers accepted for TC307. We still need to see how we will organize this second session. Could be a rapid-fire session (with 3 or 4 mins per talk), so we can accommodate more to all suggestions.  

New dates have been confirmed for the conferences in Sydney as follows:

7iYGEC  - Friday 29 April-Sunday 1 May 2022

20ICSMGE – Sunday 1 May – Thursday 5 May 2022

2. Our committee will sponsor two Virtual University talks this year and Dipanjan Basu will give the first talk. I am recruiting another great talk and more details will come soon.

3. ISSMGE Time Capsule Project - Prof Pierre Delage has provided details on this new and interesting initiative. TC307 will be working on this project in the coming months and I request our VC Olivier to take lead on this. Mizanur and I will help him as well. Any of you interested in working on this project, please reach out to Olivier and us. Details of Time-Capsule can be found on the following link:

4. Thanks to our Secretary Mizanur's excellent work, our ISSMGE website and Geoworld website are working well. We will need to update and add new information.

5. Prof Hemant Hazarika of Kyushu University shared CREST 2020 conference and this conference will be held virtually in March 2021. Please visit the website: The theme of the conference is Construction Resources for Environmentally Sustainable Technologies and there are several interesting talks listed on the website. I mentioned to him that we would like to be a co-sponsor for future conference activities. We wish him good luck with the conference.  

6. Unfortunately, the 1ICSGE Conference in Portugal was cancelled due to Pandemic reasons. I am hoping in case if the Portugal delegation is interested in reviving it, we will be happy to support them. I also would like other countries to take initiatives on this type of activity and develop conferences and we will be happy to review and if appropriate, we will get involved.  

7. Secretary Prof Neil Taylor suggested we use the following link to recruit friends of the committee....please forward this to any who may be interested in our committee activities. Thanks Neil!

"There is a link on page labelled “sign-up to receive committee news”.  

Please share any closely related 'Sustainable Geotechnical' happenings in your member countries either within this group or by emailing it to Olivier, Mizanur and me. We will be happy to include on the web as well as future reports.  

Be Safe and Best Regards!


Anand Puppala

Chair, TC 307 Sustainability in Geotechnical Engineering