TC307 Sustainability

Sustainability in Geotechnical Engineering

Geo-structures and geo-operations often form important interfaces between the built and natural environments, and interact with and affect a wide variety of externalities. Geotechnical design and construction, being placed early in a typical civil engineering project, can significantly contribute to sustainable development by adopting environment-friendly, cost-effective and socially-acceptable choices and setting a precedent for the remainder of the project. Further, geotechnical engineering has a very important role in mitigating and containing disasters, and failure to do so is often catastrophic to the society. Thus, geotechnical engineering has a wide gamut and can influence the sustainable development of infrastructure and civil societies in a significant way.

Potential areas that could fall under the purview of this TC are: (1) Innovative, environment friendly and energy efficient geotechnical techniques for site investigation, construction, monitoring, and ground improvement; (2) Sustainable use of geotechnical systems and materials, including retrofitting and reuse of waste materials, foundations and other geotechnical structures; (3) Use and reuse of underground space for beneficial purposes including storage of energy and carbon dioxide; (4) Geotechnical techniques involved in the exploitation of renewable energy sources, such as shallow and deep geothermal, solar and wind energies; (5) Development of sustainability indicators and assessment tools in geotechnical engineering, (6) Socio-economic impacts from geo-activities, for example from mining and petroleum extraction, dam construction and landfill/waste disposal; (7) Geohazard (man-made and natural) vulnerability and mitigation, including the effects of global climate change and multi-hazards; and (8) Practice of geoethics and maintaining geodiversity.

The purpose of TC 307 is to monitor, contribute to and disseminate information on sustainability related issues in geotechnical engineering. The TC will actively participate with interested stakeholders in industry and academia in arranging specialty conferences, workshops and events on sustainability in geotechnical engineering. The committee will publish, from time to time, state-of-the-art review articles/papers/reports in journals, conference proceedings, and magazines to promote this new area. The committee may also assist in publishing edited volumes of collected papers in this area.

Any other activity that may be deemed necessary within the purview of promoting the new area of Sustainable Geotechnics will also be the responsibility of TC 307.

# Type Full Name Country
1 Chair Dipanjan Basu Canada
2 Vice Chair Anand J. Puppala United States
3 Secretary Olivier Cuisinier France
5 Nominated Member Keh-Jian Shou Chinese Taipei
6 Nominated Member Claudia Madiai Italy
7 Corresponding Member Slobodan Mickovsky United Kingdom
8 Corresponding Member Giuseppe Cardile Italy
9 Nominated Member Tim Newson Canada
10 Corresponding Member Catherine Mulligan Canada
11 Corresponding Member Mariantonietta Ciurleo Italy
12 Nominated Member Abbas El-Zein Australia
13 Corresponding Member Stan Gonsalves Canada
14 Nominated Member Mizanur Rahman Australia
15 Nominated Member PAULO HEMSI Brazil
16 Nominated Member Nihar Patra India
17 Nominated Member Olivia Jansson Sweden
18 Nominated Member Ignacio González Tejada Spain
19 Nominated Member Ivan Puig Damians Spain
20 Nominated Member Stefano Aversa Italy
21 Nominated Member Wojciech Sas Poland
22 Corresponding Member Krishna Reddy United States
23 Nominated Member Jeffrey Keaton United States
24 Nominated Member Burak Tanyu United States
25 Nominated Member Nuno Cristelo Portugal
26 Nominated Member Sara Rios Portugal
27 Corresponding Member Castorina Vieira Portugal
28 Nominated Member Jan Kayser Germany
29 Nominated Member Fiona Kwok Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
30 Nominated Member Wallace Mark Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
31 Nominated Member Ali Fakher Iran
32 Nominated Member S. Sireesh India
33 Corresponding Member Abir Al-Tabbaa United Kingdom
34 Nominated Member Heleni Pantelidou United Kingdom
35 Nominated Member Ian Jefferson United Kingdom
36 Nominated Member Tone Smaavik Norway

ARC on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering - Course 2: TC 307 SUSTAINABILITY IN GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING (Mon 7 Oct 2019)

Presented by Dipanjan Basu, Ph.D., P.Eng., P.E., C.Eng,
University of Waterloo at ARC Cape Town, South Africa

In this short course, the general notions of sustainability and its application to geotechnical
engineering will be covered. The sustainability assessment

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Invitation for paper on “Climate Change and Geotechnical Engineering” to be published in Environmental Geotechnics in 2019.

Paper invitation for themed Issue on “Climate Change and Geotechnical Engineering” to be published in Environmental Geotechnics in 2019.

All TC 307 members, active researchers and top-experts in Climate change mitigation strategies such as CO2 sequestration and&nbs

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Invitation for paper on “Sustainable Geotechnics” to be published in Environmental Geotechnics in 2019.

Paper invitation for themed Issue on “Sustainable Geotechnics” to be published in Environmental Geotechnics in 2019.

All TC 307 members, active researchers and top-experts in Sustainability in Geotechnical Engineering are invited to submit abstract in a themed issu

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Invitation for paper for the Sustainability Workshop at the 16th ARC in Taipei, Taiwan, 2019

The TC 307: Sustainability in Geotechnical Engineering is inviting you at the Sustainability Workshop to be held during The 16th Asian Regional Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (16th ARC), 14-18 October 2019 in Taipei International Convention Center (TICC

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TC307 – Sustainability updates from 19th ICSMGE conferences

TC307 – Sustainability has a meeting on 19 September during 19th ICSMGE conferences in Seoul, South Korea.  The attendees are Keh-Jian SHOU (Taiwan), Tim NEWSON (Canada), Mizanur RAHMAN (Australia), Bate BATE (China), Beena AJMERA (USA), Arul ARULRAJAH (Australia), Qas

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Short name: Sustainability (TC307)

Host Member Society: Canadian Geotechnical Society

TC Chairman:  Dipanjan Basu (
TC Vice-Chairman: Anand J. Puppala (
TC Secretary: Olivier Cuisinier (

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