TC307 – Sustainability updates from 19th ICSMGE conferences

TC307 – Sustainability has a meeting on 19 September during 19th ICSMGE conferences in Seoul, South Korea.  The attendees are Keh-Jian SHOU (Taiwan), Tim NEWSON (Canada), Mizanur RAHMAN (Australia), Bate BATE (China), Beena AJMERA (USA), Arul ARULRAJAH (Australia), Qasim KHAN (Singapore), Liangong ZHAN (China), Fatemeh ARDAKANI (United Arab Emirates), Anand PUPPALA (USA), Olivier CUISINER (France). The meeting minutes and key activities during the 19th ICSMGE conferences are- 

  1. Meeting minutes: A microsoft word version is avaiable here.
  2. General report during 19th ICSMGE conferences. A PDF version is avaiable here.
  3. Activities of the TC307 for the period of 2013-2017:
    • Prof. Puppala presented the activity report of the TC307 for 2013-2017
    • Strong growth of the committee up to about 30members since the creation of the TC.
    • Survey on the state of the art / state of practice for TC307
    • A pptx version of his presention is avaiable here
  4. Workshop under the auspice of TC307 during 19th ICSMGE conferences:
    • Sandrine ROSIN-PAUMIER (France) - Sustainability of thermal energy storage in compacted soils.
    • Yan Jun Du (China) - Sustainable Soil Stabilization in Geotechnical Engineering of China.
    • Arul Arulrajah (Australia) - Green roads and footpaths using recycled construction and demolition materials.
    • António Gomes Correia (Portugal) – Pavement Geotechnics
    • Anand Puppala (USA) - Sustainability and Resiliency Framework for Ground Improvement Projects.
  5. The new webmaster of the TC307 website is Mizanur Rahman (Aus) to maintain the news section and the additional information section.
  6. Forthcoming event/conferences: Several additional events are already planned for the next 4 years with a contribution of TC307.
    • 2018: The Technical Committee of Environmental Geotechnics organises the 8th Int. Conf. on Environmental Geotechnics in China. The organisers requested the participation of TC307 in conference theme. Special session on sustainability if foreseen.
    • 2019: The 16th Asian Regional Conference will be organised in Taiwan. Following the request of the organisers, one session is planned to be organised on sustainability with the cooperation of TC307. Short courses falling within the scope of TC307 might also be held.  
    • 2020: GeoSURE conference will be organized as a part of ASCE-GI and more details will be coming in early next year.
  7. Action Item of the TC in the coming years:
    • Regional reports about action on sustainability. The objective is to sum up activities connected to sustainability within the different regions of ISSMGE. It should cover activities that fall within the areas mentioned in the TC307 areas. A special effort should be made to identify the different existing tools developed to quantitatively assess sustainability and resilience. These reports will help to prepare a state of the art report on sustainability on geotechnical engineering. 
    • Website to be created and maintained.
    • Participation of the TC in upcoming events (conferences, workshop, etc.). These will be advertised on the TC website.