The 5th ERTC10 Webinar on the Second Generation of Eurocode 7 - Ground Model, Representative Values and Reliability-Based Design

The 5th Webinar organised jointly by ISSMGE ERTC10, CEN TC250 SC7 and NEN is now open for registration:
Novel elements in the Second Generation of Eurocode 7 - Ground model, representative values and reliability-based verification of limit states
Time: Wednesday, 24.05.2023, 15:00-17:00 CEST
The webinar will be only 2h long and it is free of charge.

It will cover aspects of the new version of Eurocode 7 related to:
- Assembling the Ground Model for design - presented by Håkan Garin
- Selection of representative values of parameters, how to get from derived to design values - presented by Jose Estaire
- Reliability-based methods as alternative to use of partial factors in design based on calculations - presented by Timo Schweckendiek
- Some very interesting design examples (e.g. use of probabilistic methods in FEM calculations in line with Eurocode 7) - presented by Alexandra Ene

Link to the website with the registration form: