The 8th ERTC10 Webinar on the Second Generation of Eurocode 7 - Ground improvement

The 8th Webinar organised jointly by ISSMGE ERTC10, CEN TC250 SC7 and NEN is open for registration:
Second Generation of Eurocode 7 - Ground Improvement
Time: Wednesday, 13 March 2024, 15:00-17:00 CET
This 2h long webinar is free of charge.

The webinar will cover the subject of the "Ground improvement", which is one of the completely new clauses of EN 1997-3 Eurocode 7 - Part 3: Geotechnical Structures, now fully brought into the scope of the Eurocode framework.

The agenda includes:
1. Introduction -
Witold Bogusz, Jacobs & Secretary of ISSMGE ERTC10, Poland.
2. General presentation - Overview of the Clause 12 - Main concepts - Cyril Plomteux, Menard & member of SC7/TG D3, France.
3. Design of non-rigid and rigid inclusions - Paul Pandrea, Keller & Member of SC7/TG D3, Germany.
4. Determination of the characteristic and design values of the ground improvement materials - Nicolas Denies, Buildwise & Leader of SC7/TG-D3, Belgium.
5. Design examples - Karolina Trybocka, Menard & member of SC7/TG-B2, Poland.
6. Q&A session.

Link to the website with the registration form: