Webinar on Deep Cement Mixing, hosted by Geotechnical Society of Singapore (GeoSS)

The Geotechnical Society of Singapore (GeoSS) is hosting a webinar titled "Deep Cement Mixing Parameters Selection - Framework Proposal using Information from Construction Sites and Numerical Analysis.

Abstract of the seminar

Underground construction is commonly carried out in urban environments due mainly to the lack of space in such areas. In sites where soft clays are encountered, underground construction such as excavation and tunnelling can result in large soil movements which may cause damage to existing adjacent structures such as building and utilities. One method to reduce soil movement is to improve the condition of the in-situ soil by adding water and cement to form cement-treated soil blocks. Although such treatment is effective in reducing the impact to nearby structures, it often leads to a significant increase in the construction costs. 

This seminar focuses on the presentation of a novel design framework which provides guidance for the systematic selection of the strength and stiffness parameters of cement-treated soil. The proposed framework incorporates the statistical and spatial variability of the treated ground. This is achieved by processing and interpreting a large database of UCS obtained from cement-treated soil field core specimens recovered from four sites in Singapore. The mean, coefficient of variation and the scales of fluctuation obtained using this data are then combined and used on a design framework where engineers can select characteristic strength and modulus parameters on a systematic and rational basis.

Biography of Gerardo Agustin Pittaro

Gerardo is an ICE Chartered Civil Engineer who has been involved in design, management, and construction support of underground construction for over 12 years. He recently obtained his PhD from the National University of Singapore. His field of research focused on the proposal of a new design framework which allows for the systematic selection of cement-treated soil parameters by combining UCS statistical and spatial variability results with FEM analysis performed on existing monitored deep excavation. He is currently working as a Technical Director in Mott MacDonald in Singapore and he is involved in several Technical ISSMGE Committees including TC214, TC211 and TC204.

The link to signing up for this free webinar can be found here: https://preview.mailerlite.com/k6e2h8w8n0/2041497889124910437/u5y5/