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Short name: Land Reclamation (TC217)

Minutes of the TC217 Workshop on Land Reclamation Technologies Sep. 21, 2017 in Seoul, Korea

The TC217 Workshop on Land Reclamation Technologies took place in the room Hall E3 at COEX North Tower on Sep. 21, 2017 at the occasion of the 19th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (19th-ICSMGE) in Seoul, Korea.




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Land reclamation is one of major geotechnical activities in many countries. Many challenging land reclamation projects have been carried out in recent years. These include the Kasai International Airport in Japan, the Changi International Airport in Singapore, the Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok International Airport, the Seoul Incheon International Airport, the Palm Deria in Dubai, The Port 2000 of Le Havre in France, The Hamburg Airbus A380 Industrial Platform Site in Germany, and the Port of Brisbane in Australia. Land reclamation activities include mainly dredging or coastal and river delta developments to expand land for ports, airports, business centers, shopping centers, logistic terminals, factories, residences, amusement parks, as well as activities for land reclamation of old mining sites, quarries and ponds.

Most of the countries along the coast have activities related to land reclamation. Various innovative geotechnologies have been developed and used for various land reclamation projects. Land reclamation in coastal development has to meet two different social and environmental demands: on the one hand, a growing need to develop and increase land space and facilities, on the other hand, a corresponding need to respond to geoenvironmental issues in preserving or restoring rich biodiversity in coastal regions such as intertidal flats and shallow seas, which have been lost as a result of reclamation. Therefore, the geoenvironmental aspect is also an issue related to land reclamation activities. As sea level rise becomes a big challenge, it is more important for planners for land reclamation activities to consider issues related to coastal protection. Thus, coastal protection related to land reclamation should also be part of the scopes of TC217.

Geotechnical engineering in land reclamation has a unique role to respond to these demands in coastal development. Geotechnical engineers have to develop innovative technologies for land reclamation and coastal structures such as quays, seawalls, and revetments, in consideration of environment-friendly recycled/reused material and construction methods to achieve minimal environmental impact. Also, the engineers have to develop innovative ideas to preserve/restore rich biodiversity in coastal regions. The development and conservation technologies in land reclamation need to collaboratively work together to prevent from disorderly coastal land development.

TC217 on Land Reclamation will focus on the following two broad issues:

a. Geotechnical issues – To develop and update geotechnologies to overcome geotechnical challenges related to coastal development, including site investigation methods, laboratory and in-situ testing and interpretation methods corresponding to various stages from sedimentation to consolidation, evaluation of stability of geotechnical structures, prediction of long-term consolidation for large scale manmade island, large-scale dredging and its impact, development of environment-friendly recycled/reused material, land reclamation methods, ground improvement methods, field monitoring, prediction of differential settlement, and applications of the observational method in construction and maintenance.
b. Geoenvironmental issues – To minimize environmental impacts due to coastal development through development of construction methods for environment-friendly seawalls, design and monitoring of artificial coastal structures including intertidal flats, and reliability and durability of development of new environment-friendly material.

The main aim of the TC is to promote a greater interaction among engineers engaged in geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering related to land reclamation so as to achieve greater cooperation and facilitate the exchange of information, experience, knowledge, and new ideas in these two areas. In the next four years (2020-2023), the committee would endeavor to organize several small to medium size workshops, with at least two of them to coincide with a major conference under the auspices of ISSMGE (e.g. the 20th ICSMGE in Sydney, Australia, 2021 and the 17th Asian Regional Conference in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, 2023). In each workshop, the two themes listed above will be discussed. One principal aim of these workshops is to ensure publication of excellent case histories and associate construction experience, as well as technical proposals for future projects.

The ISSMGE webpage will be actively used for information transmission, and regularly updated. In addition, enhance the members from various countries and regions.

More information to be updated after each workshop/symposium.

# Type Full Name Country
1 Chair Jian Chu Singapore
2 Vice Chair Patrick Mengé Belgium
3 Secretary Siau Chen Chian Singapore
4 Nominated Member Henry Cheung Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
5 Nominated Member Muthusamy Karthikeyan Singapore
6 Nominated Member Włodzimierz Cichy Poland
7 Nominated Member Ken Yeo Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
8 Nominated Member Stoyna Kostova Bulgaria
9 Nominated Member Yuanqiang Cai China
10 Nominated Member Yoichi Watabe Japan
11 Corresponding Member Yang Shen China
12 Nominated Member Hanlong Liu China
13 Nominated Member Sergio Gobbi Italy
14 Corresponding Member Roberto Meriggi Italy
15 Corresponding Member Linus Fong Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
16 Nominated Member Enrique Asanza Spain
17 Nominated Member Gunilla Franzen Sweden
18 Nominated Member Anand Katti India
19 Nominated Member André Luís Brasil Cavalcante Brazil
20 Nominated Member Anthony Fairclough New Zealand
21 Nominated Member David Zhang Australia
22 Nominated Member Hadi Khabbaz Australia
23 Nominated Member Giuseppe Scarpelli Italy
24 Nominated Member Marc Van Den Broeck Belgium
25 Nominated Member Patrick Mengé Belgium
26 Corresponding Member Emmanouil Spyropoulos United Kingdom

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