TC303 Floods

Coastal and River Disaster Mitigation and Rehabilitation

Disseminate knowledge and practice on coastal and river disaster mitigation and rehabilitation to the membership of the ISSMGE.

Establish guidelines and technical recommendations on coastal and river disaster mitigation and rehabilitation.

Assist with technical programs of international and regional conferences organized by the ISSMGE through promotion to present the findings of the TC in main and discussion sessions.

Interact with industry and other relevant organizations working on coastal and river disaster mitigation and rehabilitation.

# Type Full Name Country
1 Chair Hanlong Liu China
2 Secretary Yumin Chen China
3 Nominated by TC Chair Lin Meei-Ling SEAGS
4 Nominated by TC Chair Craig Davis United States
5 Nominated by TC Chair Hideki Ohta Japan
6 Nominated by TC Chair Ichii Koji Japan
7 Nominated Member Simonetta Cola Italy
8 Nominated Member Alessandro Tarantino Italy
9 Corresponding Member Diego Lo Presti Italy
10 Nominated Member Marco Redaelli United Kingdom
11 Nominated Member Dariusz Wanatowski United Kingdom
12 Nominated Member Laxmikanta Tripathy India
13 Corresponding Member Koji Ichii Japan
14 Nominated Member Andre Koelewijn Netherlands
15 Nominated Member Kyohei Ueda Japan
16 Nominated Member Jian Chu Singapore
17 Nominated Member Shunichi Sawada Japan
18 Nominated Member Ardita Malaj Albania
19 Nominated Member Volker Eitner Germany
20 Corresponding Member Georg Heerten Germany
21 Nominated Member Myint Win Bo Canada
22 Nominated Member Buddhima Indraratna Australia
23 Nominated Member SPR Wardani Indonesia
24 Nominated Member Baris Trak Turkey
25 Nominated Member Constantinos Sachpazis Greece
26 Nominated Member G.V.R. Prasada Raju India
27 Corresponding Member Susumu Iai Japan

TC303 - Osaka meeting of Asia Conference 2018

The following is a brief summary of the Osaka meeting held on March 13-14, 2018. In the meeting, some topics covering issues related in disaster mitigation were discussed deeply, which include:

1)Development of method to evaluate seismic risk on facilities of nuclear power pla

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Host Member Society: Japan

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