TC302 Forensic

Forensic Geotechnical Engineering

To conduct technical events in Forensic Geotechnical Engineering with specific focus on guidelines and lessons learnt. To interact with other TCs in matters of common interest.

Prepare introductory guidance documents on the forensic procedures to be followed in failure investigations pertaining to geotechnical engineering. It shall contain procedures for systematic scrutiny of every stage of planning, investigations (both field and laboratory), evaluation and selection of design parameters, analysis and design, construction techniques adopted, detailed documentation regarding quality control, problems encountered including meteorological conditions, etc.

Organise special sessions in FGE in conferences of common interest Conduct a major conference in Forensic Geotechnical Engineering

Prepare a database of companies involved in Foreniscs

# Type Full Name Country
1 Chair Sivakumar Babu G L India
2 Vice Chair Prof.Madabhushi Gopal S.P. United Kingdom
3 Secretary Prof. Dasaka S. Murty India
4 Nominated by TC Chair David Frost United States
5 Nominated by TC Chair Robert Gilbert United States
6 Nominated by TC Chair Dr. Bindumadhava Australia
7 Nominated by TC Chair Yoshinori Iwasaki Japan
8 Nominated Member Yoshinori Iwasaki Japan
9 Nominated Member Robert Jessep United Kingdom
10 Nominated Member Jan Hellings United Kingdom
11 Nominated Member B. Munwar Basha India
12 Nominated Member Anargyros Alexandris Greece
13 Nominated Member Dirk Luger Netherlands
14 Corresponding Member Vincent Nyambayo United Kingdom
15 Nominated Member Giuseppe Scarpelli Italy
16 Nominated Member V.V.S. RAO India
17 Corresponding Member Satoru Ezoe Japan
18 Corresponding Member Stephan Jefferis United Kingdom
19 Nominated Member Rafael Jiménez Rodríguez Spain
20 Corresponding Member Enrique Dapena Spain
21 Corresponding Member Sadik Oztoprak Turkey
22 Corresponding Member Feyza Cinicioglu Turkey
23 Nominated Member Kazuya Itoh Japan
24 Nominated Member Wei-F. Lee Chinese Taipei
25 Nominated Member Richard Hwang Chinese Taipei
26 Nominated Member Anand J. Puppala United States
27 Nominated Member Sax Saxena United States
28 Corresponding Member Hajime Imanishi Japan
29 Nominated Member Luiz Guilherme De Mello Brazil
30 Nominated Member Francisco Lucas Portugal
31 Nominated Member Agostinho Mendonça Portugal
32 Nominated Member ÁLVARO PÉREZ MARTÍN Spain
33 Nominated Member Włodzimierz Cichy Poland
34 Nominated Member Seyed Mohsen Haeri Iran
35 Nominated Member Malek Bouazza Australia
36 Nominated Member Chaidir A. Makarim Indonesia
37 Nominated Member Peter Day South Africa
38 Nominated Member Dr. Bindumadhava Australia

Landslide adjoining a housing society in Mumbai, INDIA

Dear colleagues, 

On a rainy day on 2nd July 2018, a landslide happened adjoining a densely populated housing society in the heart of the Mumbai city.  Landslides and slope failures are very common in this area during the monsoon period. A deep excavation w

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Host Member Society: India

Short name: Forensic (TC302) - Terms of Reference - to be approved

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