ISSMGE News and Information Circular January 2022

ISSMGE News & Information Circular
January 2022


As a consequence of the 20ICSMGE being pushed back to May 2022, and in accordance with the Statutes and Bylaws, the deadline for receiving nominations for the next ISSMGE President has been extended to 30th January 2022. 


New dates have been confirmed for the conferences in Sydney as follows;

7iYGEC  - Friday 29 April - Sunday 1 May 2022

20ICSMGE - Sunday 1 May - Thursday 5 May 2022.

Registration is now open via the conference website

  1. TIME CAPSULE PROJECT (TCP) - Informal "showcases" to start in November 2021

The Time Capsule Project (TCP) aims to create and sustain a conversation about the past, present and future of geotechnical engineering to the benefit of our over 20,000 members. Contributions from all sectors of the ISSMGE, including legacy material, will be held and promoted through an online platform. This platform will be formally launched at the 20th ICSMGE (1-5 May 2022).

From November 2021 onwards, a series of informal and engaging "showcases" will be hosted to enable contributors to learn from each other's experience. Even draft contributions can be presented so we can learn from each other. The concept is novel and exciting even for us in the TCP Design Team!

For further information, please make contact with TCP Design Team directly or through the form available at: .   


The following have recently been added to the website:

Performance assessment of soils and structures by numerical analysis Prof. Toshihiro Noda

How to perform reliability analyses on a spreadsheet Dr Lei Wang

Collapse of Fujinuma Dam by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and its reconstruction - Prof. Fumio Tatsuoka and Dr. Antoine Duttine

Probability Analysis in Civil Engineering Prof. Jie Zhang


The latest edition of the ISSMGE Bulletin (Volume 15, Issue 6, December 2021) is available from the website


The next deadline for receipt of applications for awards from the ISSMGE Foundation is the 31st January 2022. Click here for further information on the ISSMGE Foundation.


For a listing of all ISSMGE and ISSMGE supported conferences, and full information on all events, including deadlines, please go to the Events page at  However, for updated information concerning possible changes due to the coronavirus outbreak (ie. postponements, cancellations, change of deadlines, etc), please refer to that specific events website.

A number of events have been rescheduled and we update the Events page whenever we are advised of changes.

The following are events that have been added since the previous Circular:

ISSMGE Conferences

Fourth International Conference Challenges in Geotechnical Engineering  - 01-06-2022 - 03-06-2022  
Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture (Ukraine), Languages:  English, Ukrainian; Organiser: Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture (Ukraine) and University of Zielona Gora (Poland)Contact person: Viktor Nosenko, Vasyl Pidlutskyi, Liudmyla Skochko; Address: 31, Povitroflotsky ave., KNUCA, Kyiv, 03037, Ukraine; Phone: +38(097)3811265 ; Fax: +38(097) 381-12-65; Email: [email protected]; Website :; Email: [email protected]

Fifth International Conference on New Developments in Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering - 30-06-2022 - 02-07-2022  
Atatürk Cultural and Congress Center Near East University, Nicosia; Language: English; Organiser: Turkish Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering and Near East University; Contact person: Cavit ATALAR ; Phone: 05338342829; Fax: 00903922236461 ; Email: [email protected]; Website :; Email: [email protected]

17th Asian Region Geotechnical Engineering Conference >14-08-2023 - 18-08-2023, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan; Language: English; Organiser: Kazakhstan Geotechnical Society; Contact person: Ms. Bibigul Abdrakhmanova ; Address: 2, Satpayev Street, Eurasian National University, Geotechnical Institute; Phone: +7-7172- 344796 ; Fax: +7-7172-353740 ; Email: [email protected]; Website :; Email : [email protected]